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Written Permission To Use Copyrighted Material

Please be advised that if you are a music artist who email me tracks to include in my mixes to upload to my podcast show and YouTube channel, due to copyright claims which are being filed against djs mixes on YouTube, I'm asking all artists to include with your track you email me a written permission statement to use your copyrighted material in my mixes and permission to upload to my podcast show and YouTube channel. Just personally emailing me your track is not enough ground to stand on when in need to file a dispute against a copyright claim. I need written permission,

Please be advised that my sharing of your copyrighted material to my podcast show and YouTube channel is totally non-profit and is for the purposes of comment and criticism. I believe that in sharing your copyrighted material to my podcast show and YouTube channel can only help to increase value of your copyrighted material and help produce only positive effects for your copyrighted material in its potential market.

If you haven't already done so, I invite you all to check out my podcast @:

YouTube channel @:

Much Love,

Dj WhaltBabieLuv

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Me and the Homies At It Again....PLease Enjoy....Thanks Dj Pauleshia Ish Gladden Graves Thanks Bigg Robb for the love


1. Big Cynthia - Step with You 2. David J - Let's Dance 3. Diva See - Stepping out Baby 4. JJ Caillier - Rock your Body 5. Willie Clayton - Take it 2 the Club 6. Lebrado - Tonight 7. Mz Connie Remix - Tickle Box Remix 8. The Night Affair Band - Dance with Me 9. Soul Slide – Mic 360 Brooks 10. Work It – Lacee) 11. Looking Good Tonight – Bigg Robb 12. Kitty Kandy – Nelson Curry 13. For Tha Grown Folks – Avail Hollywood 14. Big Gun – Dee Dee Simon 15. Sho da Hell Dam Did – brazil 16. That Thang – Volton Wright 17. I Been Loving You: Rich Wright ' feat Hot Topic. 18. I Just Want To Ride: Jeter Jones. 19. Slide IN It: Bigg Robb, 20. Bottles After Bottles: P2K, 21. Can I Get It: Top Benoit, 22. Thick Girl Love: Lacee, 23. Thick Pocketbook: Anne Washington, 24. Good Music (1970's Mix): Bigg Robb

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SFTS (Something For The Soul) Radio


Tune into SFTS (Something For The Soul) Radio Monday - Friday, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm cst, for 1 hour Southern soul / Soul Blues mix by Dj WhaltBabieLuv. And Monday - Saturday 9pm - 9:30pm cst for 30 min Southern Soul / Soul Blues mix @:

Treat your ear to some of the very best in Southern Soul / Soul Blues, R&B, Zydeco.



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Anchor.Fm Podcast

Hello everyone. Hope and pray that all is well with you all on this fine Monday. Hey just wanted you all, my podcast listeners and followers, to know that I'm trying out a new podcast host,, to see how it work out for me. If I'm pleased with it, I will be moving WBL's "Grown Folks Muzik" show over from Spreaker to There are a few features on that I like which aren't included on Spreaker. For one I like the feature "Where To Listen" which show the icons to other platforms where the show can be played, or heard on; just click on the icons. I also like the fact that was recently bought out by Spotify.

Link to the podcast is:

I have a few episodes uploaded to the show now. It is a slow process as I am having to upload each episode one by one. So if you will, please be patient with me in the upload of more episodes; they are coming.

If you are pleased with what you are listening to, I asked that you follow and support the show.

Much love from Dj WhaltBabieLuv.


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Here you go my "Grown Folks" Had to put a quick one together for my listeners for the holidays. Couldn't leave y'all hangin like that. YouTube was on block mode today and blocked this one as soon as it was uploaded, but no problem. We over here on Mixcloud ridin' out. Come ride with me and let's turn up in 2020. "GROWN FOLKS MUZIK"

Enjoy and y'all be safe out there you hear.


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Morning time Southern Soul family. I must say that my brothas and sistas looked good at the ZBT Award show last night. Brothas in their red coats / jackets and the sistas in their red dresses. Very nice. I was loving it as I viewed all the live videos. "GROWN FOLKS" looking good and having a nice time. That's what it's all about.

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Just now seeing this. WBL's Grown Folks Muzik podcast was listed in the "Top 15 Soul Music Audio Podcasts & Radio You Must Subscribe And Listen To In 2019" in the "Soul Music Podcast Letter" back in July of this year; listed at #7.  Check it out @:…/top-15-soul-music-audio-podc…/


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Well folks are still subscribing to my channel despite the blocked mixes. I appreciate you all and I'm thankful for all the dedicated / loyal listeners. Much love from Dj WhaltBabieLuv.


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Checkout and follow Dj WhaltBabieLuv's "Grown Folks Muzik" on Mixcloud @:


I ask that all my Youtube subscribers come and follow me on Mixcloud for my latest mixes as I will no longer be uploading mixes to Youtube.  Thank you.


Much love from Dj WhaltBabieLuv

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Tune in today to the hottest Southern Soul / Soul Blues show on internet radio. Hot365's "Sunday Southern Soul / Soul Blues Session" with Dj WhaltBabieLuv @:…

Today: 4pm-7pm cst, 5pm-8pm est, and 2pm-5pm pst

Hot365 Radio "Always Hot"

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