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  • Dylon said you was off the air. and there was no reason to send you a cd so he sent you singles of my cd
  • i will send you onr today and Thank you for your time T J

  • what is your adress because everytime we talk i tell D to send u a cd he said your not on the air so i would have to send u one

  • Hi Hey Hello Comments

  • This to cute and thank you very much and how are you doing?
  • MySpace Graphics
  • MySpace Graphics
  • hey my sister
    here's my new phone number 410-690-5466 call me and sing happy birthday to me laugh out loud call me girl
    Val K
  • Hi Joyce: Thanks 4 the comment! We should definitely be about the business of preserving and expanding the audience for southern soul and a category in the Grammys would be a huge start! If all of the SS artist were willing to come together, we could definitely do that! I will let you know how many responses I get!!!
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