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  •                                                                           DJ BOBBY SMOOTHE
                                                                                REPORT FOR:6/21/2011
    1.Let's go-sergio Davis
    2.personal matter-Wilson meadows dress-hog pen
    4.sugaa shack-nelson klass band
    5.whip that thang-reggie p
    6.ride it like a cowboy-kenne Wayne
    7.that thang thang-o.b.buchana
    8.they wanna party-t.k.soul
    9.G-slide-Nina brown
    10.I gotta have it-tre Williams & vick Allen
    11.a love to call mine-simeo de
    13.hungry woman-pat cooley man trash-avail Hollywood
    15.the grown & sexty-heart to heart
    16.ready for the rain-t.j.hooker Taylor
    17.when you get drunk-mel waiters
    18.soulthernsoullady-Eddie Taylor
    19.step it out-certified slim
    20.girls nite out-monroe brown que
    22.the booty roll-Jim Bennett
    23.soul skool-mr.David
    24.g and sexty-fel Davis
    25.push it-Steve perry
    26.I'm writing you a ticket-ms me me
    27.stacked in the back-rickey white monkey-donnie ray
    29.girl when I get with you-Wendell b
    30.put'em down on the table-Wendell b's time for me to go-Wendell b
  • Mid-Day Blues with Ms Von

    WNEV 98.7


    Friars Point/Clarksdale, MS


    1. Mel Waiters--Little Girl's Can't Do What Big Girls Do

    2. Vel Omarr--I'll Be There For You

    3. Mystery Man--Bump And Grind With Me

    4. Luther Lackey--Married Lyin Cheatin Man

    5. Willie Clayton--If Your Loving Wasn' Good Enough To Keep Me

    6. Bobby "Blue" Bland--When Hearts Grow Cold

    7. The Revelations ft Tre Williams--How Could You Walk Away

    8. Certified Slim--Teach Me

    9. Big G--Misunderstood

    10. Pat Cooley--Hungry Wman

    11.Stephanie Pickett--I'm Taking My Man Back

    12. LJ Echols--Everybody NeedSomebody

    13. Jim Bennett--The Body Roll

    14. Cicero Blake--I Can't Go On Mrs. Jones

    15. Avail Hollywood--One Man's Trash

    16. Bobby Rush--Sniffer

    17. Nellie "Tiger" Travis--Why You Lie Like That

    18.Floyd Taylor--Baby I Love You

    19. Mr. Sam--Put A Little Water With It

    20. Ms Jody-- I'm Staying In With My Man Tonight

    21. Bigg Robb--Crying Zone

    22. Carl Sims--Go On

    23. Andre Lee- Cheating With The Man In The Drawer

    24.Sheba "Potts" Wright--Mr. Jody You Did Your Job

    25. Donnie Ray--To Many Mechanics

    26. Sweet Angel--I'd Rather Be By Myself, Than to Be Unhappy

    27.Sir Jonathan Burton--Too Much Booty Shakin

    28. Robert "Duke" Tillman--Been Loving You To Long

    29. Denise LaSalle--Older Woman

    30. Lee "Shot Williams--I'm The Man For The Job


  •  KING SMOKE'S SOUTHERN SOUL CAFE Z 93 WZLA Abbeville/Greenwood  SC 

    I only get lonely-- Stephanie Pickett

    To much Booty shakin-- Sir Jonathan burton

    I'm gonna keep my love at home-- Donnie Ray

    Little Girls can't do--Mel Waiters

    I'm staying in tonite---Ms. Jody

    Personal Matters---Wilson Meadows

    That Thang-- O.B. Buchana

    You fooled me this time-- Lee " Shot" Williams

    Get Down--Charles Wilson

    That Girl belongs to Me--Charles Wilson/ Willie Clayton

    Time out , cut the chase--Floyd Taylor

    Mr. Right now---Latimore

    I need some attention---Vick Allen

    Let's Dance---Carl Marshall

    Into something--- Cicero Blake\

    Can't say no---Lacee

    Knockin--Larome Powers

    Still Crazy--- Queen Emily

    Wobble -- Mr. Sam

    Make your Body roll---Lamorris Williams

    Sugar Shack---Klass Brotherhood Band

    After the Party-- Maurice Davis

    You don't have to lie--Sunshine Anderson

    So good--Bobby Doll Johnson

    Can You handle this-- Al Lindsey

    I can;t joy ride--Dr. Feel Good Potts


    She lied --Jerry L.

    Hungry Woman-- Pat Cooley

    Nights over Egypt--Shirley Jones and the Jones Girls

    Go on -- Carl Sims

    Did You Wrong--Margo Thunder

    I can't help it -- Sir Jonathan Burton

    Cheatin in the back Street-- Adrena

    For the grown n sexy-- Heart 2 Heart Band

    Lonely in the House---Chuck Roberson

    Who's rockin You---- Donnie Ray

    Mrs. # 2 ---Sweet  Angel


  • Boogie Radio Playing The Best Southern Soul Blues Mix On The Planet

    Send Product c/o JoJo Gunn P.O Bx.16433 Jackson Ms. 39206

    Music Tracking Day Now On Thursday 11 a to 2 pm Cdt 800-578-8141 ext e

    Listen and enjoy at

    Top 20 For June

    1.Ms.Jody Fea.David Brinston Something I Want 
    2.Jonathan Burton Too Much Booty Shakin
    3.Bigg Robb Remix Your Love
    4.Bobby Rush Sniffers 
    5.Simeo One Thing About 
    6.Larome Powers I'm Knocking 
    7.Lamorris Williams Pretty Lady
    8.Donny Ray Love Monkey 
    9.Diedra Rentman
    10.Mel Waiters Little Girls   
    11.Patrick Green Ive Got A Woman Who Loves Me
    12.Vick Allen I Need Some Attention 
    13.Ricky White Take Care Of You
    14.Beautiful -Mo B  
    15.CorneliousM.D. IT Aint Raning
    16.Menta Malone Southern Soul Lady
    17.Wilson Meadows Go Get That Love 
    18.Charles Blakely Fea.Andre LeeI Saw Her I Saw You
    19.O.B Buchana  We Dont Get Along
     20.Grady Champion Make That Monkey Jump     


  • robert davis aka djskullman-list not in order;something i want-david briston-too much booty shakin-johnthan bulter-get dressed n go out-ivy-g-slide-gina brown-whiskey and pain don't mix-mel waiter-that thang thang-o.b.buchana-i got a woman that loves me-patrick green-backtrackin-bigg robb-cheatin on da back street-andrea -and one with new music please send to djskullman at please keep the music coming thank you again i will play your music at the club,the cookouts, wedding reception
  • WJAB 90.9fm

    Joyce Coffman (The Queen) Voice for the Tennessee Valley

    Saturday 4-8pm April/May Play list

    Wendell B        Everything going to be alright

    KarenWolfe     Stuttering

    T.K Soul          The greatest Emotions

    Laccee Can’t say no

    Floyd Taylor     Baby I love you

    Kenne Wayne  Dance wit me

    Ms.Jody           The Spank

    James Smith     Rumble in the bedroom

    Donnie Ray      Straighten up

    Vernon Garrett I come to far

    Patrick Greene I’m missing you

    Sweet Angel     Butt’s up(remix)

    Vick Allen        I need some attention

    Adreana           Cheating on the back streets

    David Brinston  Back on the backstreets           

    LGB     Reality slowly walks us down

    Vick Allen        I need some attention

    Wilson Meadows         Personal matters

    Bobby Doll Johnson     Cheaters never win

    JT Taylor          Just because

    OB Buchanna   Old School Blues

    Dee Bradley     Party 2 tonight

    Terry Wright     Back roads

    Heart 2Heart    Grown & Sexy

    Larone Powers Knocking

    Chuck Roberson          Southern Soul

    Menta Malone  Passion

    Latimore           Everyday I have the blues

    Mr. Sam           Somebody

    Jerry L She lied

    Charles Wilson Get up on the floor

    Simeo   Something about you







  •  ADDs

    Stephanie Pickett          I’m taking my man back

    Luther Lackey  Rebound affair

    Gerod Rayborn            My job is like a prison

    Carl Marshall                         America will not be separated

    DeiDra Rent man

    Carl Simms       Go on

    Pat Cooley       Hungry Woman

    Uvee Hayes/Otis Clay  Steal away

    Nellie Tiger Travis        I’m with you baby

    Bobby Jones    You ain’t got no proof

  • Soul Dog’s Top 15 Southern Soul Songs for May 2011



    1. Only Time I Get Lonely – Stephanie Pickett
    2.  Personal Matter – Wilson Meadows
    3.  I Saw Her I Saw You  - Charles Blakely w/ Andre Lee
    4. Too Much Booty Shakin’ – Jonathan Burton
    5. Who’s Rockin’ You – Donnie Ray
    6.  9 to 5 Job – Angel Sent
    7.  I Need Some Attention – Vick Allen
    8.  Bus Stop – David Brinston
    9.  I Need That – Ms. Jody
    10.  Old Skool – Patrick Green
    11.  How Can I – Ladi Kandhi
    12.  Cheaters Never Win – Bobbye ‘Doll’ Johnson
    13.  Time To Move Along – Frank Lucas
    14.  Crazy Love Thang – OB Buchana
    15.  Roll – Sweet Angel
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