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  • We play new hits and old school  around the clock and around the world twenty four hours a day.                        

    BCSB Radio: www. Tommy Tee P. O. Box 111974, Houston, Texas 77293-0974 

     (281) 741-4121    e-mail:


      1. My Cat Smell A Rat – Ms Jody

      2. B. O.B. – Karen Wolfe

      3. I'm Looking For A Lady – T. K. Soul                           

      4. Trun That Thang Around – Prince Ronnie Love

      5. True To Me -Vick Allen

      6. Love On Me – Nelson Curry

      7. B. O. B. – Karen Wolfe

      8. Bootley Whiskey Grandy Champion

      9. Let Me See You Do The Cha Cha – Mel Waiter

    10. Man In The Street Remix – James Payne

     11. Work It Out - Tucker

    12. Doing The Watusi – Mr. X

    13. She Got That Ooh Wee – Jerry L.

    14. Can I Spend Some Money On You – The Famous Chuck Strong

    15. Love Mechanic – Jesi Terrell

    16. Put It In Ya’ – Mr. David

     17. Cat Daddy – Billy Soul Bonds

    18. The Casino Blues – Larone Powers

    19. She Make It Sexy – Zydeco – Patrick Henry

    20. Can You Hang – Wilson Meadows

    21. I Can Still Roll It – Love Doctor

    22. If By Any Chance – El Willie

    23. You Make Me Happy – Uvee Hayes

    24. Do Me Right – Pat Brown

    25. She’s My Honey Bee – Donnie Ray

    26. Just To Be With Her – Charles Wilson

    27. Work That Sexy – Bigg Robb

    28. Blues Is Alright – Klass Band Bro.

    29. Draggin That Wagon – LJ Echols

    30. Bill (remix) - Jean Knight

    31. Sweet Thang – Ms Charli’

    32. You Don't Know What U Do To Me – Lee Roy Ward

    33.  Oil and Water – Nellie “Tiger” Tra

    34. Fat Woman (Live In Concert(  (ermix) James Payne

    35. Last Night – Krishunda Eahols

    36. I Can Lay The Hammer Down - Jay Hammer

    37. The Rabbit Got The Gun (remix) Walt Love

    38. Bobby’s Gone – John Commings

    39. Just To Be With Her – Charles Wilson

  • Juke Joint Jam.......Mr.David Put It On Ya
    Rewind Track Omar Cunningham ...Hell At The House
    20.Johnathan Burton Southern Soul ThrowDown
    19.Theodis Ealey Pop That Middle
    18.Katrenia Jefferson what If
    17.Roll It Roll It G-J-S
    16.Willie Clayton Rock Me  Willie Clayton
    15.Michael Sutton Slow Dancin
    14.Heart 2 Heart Do You Like To Party 
    13.Lomax Let Me Hold You
    12.Nellie Tiger Travis Cold Feet
    11.Mi'el(Me El)I Do
    10.Eddie Cotton No Love Back
    09.Vasti Jackson I'm Still In Love With You
    08.Larome Powers The Casino Blues
    07.Bigg Robb That Good Good 
    06.Vick Allen MY  Babys Phone
    05.Andre Lee Tell Me What You Need
    04.Jr Blu Shes Been Good
    03.Stevie J Down Home People 
    02.Sir Charles Jones Independent Ladies
    01.Karen Wolfe B.O.B

  • V-100 100.1 "The Saturday Morning Wake Up Club" 9 to 1 pm each and every Saturday "It is our way of life to preserve the Blues and Southern Soul" MARCH PLAYLIST 2015 and its hotter t…

    V-100 100.1 "The Saturday Morning Wake Up Club" 9 to 1 pm each and every Saturday

    "It is our way of life to preserve the Blues and Southern Soul"

    MARCH PLAYLIST 2015 and its hotter than Catfish grease...with NO sidechicks

    (1) Sir Charles "Independent Lady"

    (2) Bigg Robb "Catfish Grease"

    (3) Willie Hill "Gotta Get my Groove on"

    (4) Confunkshun "Your Love"

    (5) Big Poppa G "Be There"

    (6) Vic Allen "My Baby's Phone"

    (7) Karen Wolfe "BOB"

    (8) UVee Hayes "In the Mood"

    (9) New-Willie Clayton "Rock me Baby"

    (10) Big Cynthia "Here for You"

    (11) Ms Jody "Boogie Slide"

    (12) Pat Cooley "Hold Still"

    (13) Andre Lee "Tell me what you need"

    (14) Cross Roads band "Mississippi"

    (15)Sheba Potts Wright "A weak man"

    (16) Theodis Ealey "Pop That"

    (17) Mel Waiters "Disrepect"

    (18) Larome Powers "Casino Blues/If you cheat"

    (19) New-Heart to Heart "We like to Party"

    (20) New- Katrenia Jefferson "What if"

    New- Donnie Ray "Honey Bee"

    New Grady Champion "Bootleg Whiskey"

    New-Mi'el "I Do"

    New-Bigg Robb "Don't judge me"

    New-Willie White "Too late"

    New-Mr. X "Ooh Wee"

    The Saturday Morning Wake up club is the number one radio show in West Michigan according to the Nielsen rating we play only blues and oldies and Southern Soul...please keep the product coming to shabadoo, 1987 Bonneville Drive Norton Shores, MI. 49441 231.740.1738 free to call me anytime to discuss product and lets straighten it out...Glory to God

    Shabadoo Waller's Page
    Shabadoo Waller's Page on The Boogie Report
  • DJ – Lady T-Maxx

    2253 White Oak Dr.

    Greenville, MS 38701



    Hi Tech Jammin’ Nothing But Hitz!


                  Current Hitz


    1. Lamont Hadley - Girl 'U' Done Broke That Thang

    2. Alex - Loveline

    3. Willie Clayton - Rock Me Baby

    4. Big Yayo - Cowgirl (feat. J-Wonn & T-Baby)

    5. Kanem - No Strings Attached

    6. Donnie Ray - Can We Start Our Love All Over

    7. Terry Wright - I Done Lost My Good Thang

    8. J Red - If He Won't I Will

    9. Mr. Sam - Roll It Roll

    10. LJ Echols - Draggin That Wagon

    11. Krishunda Echols - Last Night

    12. Wendell B - We Stepping Out Tonight (Remix)

    13. Steve Perry - Booty Poppin'

    14. J-Wonn & Big Yayo - One For The Road

    15. Karen Wolfe - B.O.B.

    16. Larome Power - Knockin'

    17. Mr. X - Doing The Watusi

    18. Lacee - Hoe Digger

    19. Andre' Lee - You Went And Did It

    20. Cool Ricky Blues - Roll It

    21. Donnell Sullivan - Whistle

    22. O.B. Buchana - You're Welcome To The Party

    23. Chris Ivy - Certified Coochie Lover

    24. Lomax - Second Hand Man

    25. Lil Jimmie - She Was Twerking


             Ol’ Flavor Still Tasty!


    1. Tyrone Davis - Forever

    2. Bobby Womack - It's Party Time

    3. Smokey Robinson - Daylight & Darkness

    4. Willie Hutch - Love Power

    5. L.T.D. - Love Ballad


  • Adds 2/23/2015 Bigg Robb-Please Dont Judge Me. Certified Slim- When Its Good Mz. B- I Rather Wait Til Hes Hitting It

  • Soul Dog's Top 20 for February

    I'm Gonna Tighten Up - Wilson Meadows

    Cold Feet - Nellie 'Tiger' Travis

    Loveline - Alex

    I Didn't Come To Sit Down - Sheba Potts-Wright

    Hammer's Juke Joint Shack - Jaye Hammer

    I Lost My Baby On Facebook - Jesse James

    In This Club Tonight - Adrena

    You're Welcome To The Party - OB Buchana

    Love On Me - Nelson Curry

    Roll With It Baby - Geno Wesley

    Annie Mae's Cafe Swing Out Song - Stephanie McDee

    We Do We - Ves featuring Kenne' Wayne

    U Got Me Walking - Nathaniel Kimble 

    She Was Twerkin' - Lil' Jimmie

    I Wanna Kiss You - Brenda Williams  

    South Side - Grady Champion

    Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide - Ms. Jody

    It's A Good Thing I Met You - Theo Huff

    Next Time - Lil' Jimmie

    Swing Out - Donnell & RJ

  • Southern Soul Blues Radio

    1. Doing The Watusi - Mr. X

    2. Sweet Nuk - Lysa

    3. One More Chance - Lomax

    4. Good Good - Bigg Robb

    5. My Baby's Phone - Vick Allen

    6. Caught Up In Doing Wrong - T.K. Soul

    7. Broken Hearts Don't Last - Karen Wolfe

    8. In The Mood - Uvee Hayes

    9. Independent Ladies - Sir Charles Jones

    10.If he want I will - Black Diamond feat. J. Red




    11. Hotter Than Catfish Grease - Bigg Robb

    12. Lysa & Chip - Cause I love you

    13. If By Chance - El' Willie

    14. Cold Feet - Nellie "Tiger" Travis

    15. My Good Thing - Luster Baker & T.K. Soul

    16. Second Hand Man - Lomax

    17. Still Stroking - Ms. Jody

    18. We're gonna party tonight - T.K. Soul

    19. Around The World - Latimore

    20. If We Can't Get Along - Omar Cunningham

    21. On My Own Again - Sir Charles Jones

    22. Shake It Up And Get On Down - Barbara White

    23. Bad To The Bone - Luster Baker

    24. Steal Away - Pam Jackson

    25. Let Me Put My Cookie In My Milk - Jureesa McBride

    26. Lady Audry - Big Girl Swing (Remix)

    27. Down in Louisiana - Bobby Rush

    28. Forever Swing - Tucka feat, Doug E. Fresh

    29. Jus Fell N Love - Ms. Charli

    30. Love On Me - Sugga Shake Man

    31. I Gotta Get My Groove On - Willie Hill feat. Theodis Ealey

    32. I can't Get Over You - Kevin Foster

    33. My Good Thang - J. Red (The Nephew)

    34. I've Done All I Can Do - Sheba Potts- Wright

    35. I Done Lost My Good Thang - Terry Wright

    36. Keith Franks - Teddy Bear

    37. Shake That Belly - Pat Cooley

    38. Hay Girlfriend - Sheba "The Mississippi Queen"








    Terry   Wright

    I   Done Lost My Good Thang


    Please   Let Me Hold You

    Matthew   Davis

    The   Right Time

    Eddie   Cotton

    My   Boo

    Nellie   Travis

    Cold   Feet

    Kevin Foster

    I Can’t Get Over You

    Sheba   Potts-Wright

    Big   Boy Stuff

    Carl   Sims feat. Jazzii A.

    Are   You Serious (Remix)

    Willie   Clayton

    Running   Out of Lies

    Andre’   Lee

    My   Girl

    Avail   Hollywood

    Kiss   My Southern Soul

    Gentry-Jones/Mr.   Sam

    Roll   It, Roll It

    Karen   Wolfe


    Bigg   Robb

    Good   Good

    Connie   G

    Breaking   Up Somebody’s Home

    JR   Blu


    Floyd   Taylor


    Candi   Staton

    Beware   She’s After Your Man

    TK   Soul/ Tha Don

    Ready   To Step Tonight

  • ADDS

    Magic One – It’s The Weekend

    Floyd Taylor/Big Poppa G – Be There

    Audi-Yo/Lil Fallay – Swingologist

    Vick Allen – My Baby’s Phone

    Uvee Hayes – In The Mood

    Lee Shot Williams – Juke Joint Slide

    Sweet Angel – Don’t Hurt No More

    Roni – Get Away

    JR Blu – If There’s Anybody Here



    Willie Clayton

    New Artists



    PO BOX 67

    ALAMO, TN 38001


  • THEBLUESDOCTOR.jpg , WRFG 89.3 FM , 100,000 WATTS , every friday morning 8am to 10am and every other friday from 6 am to 8 am., www,,404-492-2740, radio station: 404-523-8989, 

    TOP 20

    1. back it up with these lips  -  "MISS" LADY BLUES

    2. mr. sexy man  -  NELLIE "tiger" TRAVIS

    3. closer  -  HEATHER HAYES

    4. i'm gone  -  COLUMBUS TOY

    5. tearing us apart  -  ROBIN MOET

    6.what if i  -  KATRENIA JEFFERSON

    7. git got  -  J BARNES

    8. can't stop  -  GINA BROWN

    9. let's dance  -  DAVID J.

    10. sugar  -  TJ HOOKER TAYLOR

    11. hell to the nah nah  -  BISHOP BULL WINKA

    12. groving  -  UVEE HAYES

    13. one more chance  -  LOMAX

    14. caught up  -  JACQUEL

    15. i for got to be your lover  -  WILLIAM BELL ft. SNOOP DOG

    16. hotter than catfish grease  -  BIGG ROBB

    17. hate will destroy the world  -  JESSE JAMES

    18. stay with your wife  -  SHEBBA POTTS - WRIGHT

    19. good, good  -  BIGG ROBB

    20. i got to get my grove on  -  WILLIE HILL
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