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Syrus The Yung Mafioso - "The Fall" ft. DNL



Syrus The Yung Mafioso is a rising 18 year old west coast rapper born in Cali, raised in Las Vegas, and now residing in LA. He recently teamed up with DNL and producer LCS to drop his latest single "The Fall". Check out this dope new joint and let us know what you think!!! Be sure to follow the artist on his social media platforms below.




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Khaleel Mandel - "2019"



Khaleel Mandel says, “When it all comes down to it, music unfolds undiscovered
messages. Discovering the unknown full time keeps me creative.” Khaleel Mandel,
rapper/producer/singer-songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist was born in
Boston Massachusetts, and raised in Bridgeport, CT. As a baby Khaleel would
attend numerous of his professional bass player father Carl Carterʼs
performances. Now in Broadwayʼs Tony Award Winning Come From Away, Carlʼs
earlier work includes serving as Grammy Award Winning rap group Digable
Planetsʼ bassist in 1994. The year Khaleel was born. At a Sound-check for the
tour of classic album Blowout Comb Khaleel was in brief attendance in his carseat. From that point on Hip Hop culture was immovable from him.


In 2004 after Khaleel performed a rendition of “Rockin Robin” at Bridgeportʼs
Playhouse Theater. Out on a limb, his mother sent the DVD version of that
performance to the casting agency for Broadway musical The Lion King. Fast
forward to 2005 Khaleel booked the role of Young Simba in the showʼs West Coast
Tour company. Khaleel won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a
Musical from San Diegoʼs annual National Youth Theater Awards. Making him the
only actor who played Young Simba to win anything for the role. After leaving the
show Khaleel went on to have numerous guest appearances for skits on Late
Night With Conan oʼBrien and a guest role on Season 8 of Law and Order SVU.


In 2005 after hearing Jay-Zʼs “Change Clothes” for the first time, Khaleel was
motivated to routinely research the science about techniques for constructing rap
songs. While on tour with The Lion King Khaleel always found time to create his
own music on his fatherʼs Dell laptop and M-Audio keyboard. The clarity Khaleel
gained from music softwares was strengthening by High School.


“The willpower of practicing juggling fruit is addictive, but when you keep
dropping a piece for healthʼs sake you must eat the one not from the ground”; Is
how Khaleel describes his choice to leave college before his final year and pursue
his music career full time. While in attendance at Penn State for musical theater
Khaleel met Vaughn Davis, artist and now co-owner of their company
DoubleCrown Inc. Which was officially formed at the end of December 2016.


“The Double Crown logo of two crowns, represents the emergence of two
singular identities, forming, coming together as one. The first crown is of the
Pschent, a double crown representing both Upper and Lower Egypt worn after the
uniting of the two regions in Ancient Egypt. The second crown is the traditional
solid gold crown typically seen in European rule. The concept of the double
crowns symbolically represents the merging body with the mind. When both the
physical and the metaphysical has aligned itself with one, then we are able to
transcend into something way beyond the measures for which the mind can


On October 12th 2018, Khaleel released his debut self-produced album Original.
The album is an intricate combination of genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Pop,
Reggae, Funk, Indie Rock & Avant Garde. Thereʼs versatility from the hard-hitting
rap centered title track, to the orchestral ballad containing Harpsichord, Acoustic
Guitar & Strings, ʼSnow On a Mondayʼ. The album is definitely as Khaleel puts it “a
whirlwind of my thoughts for two years”.


September 2016, around a month after Khaleelʼs debut mixtape Dead Weight
released was when he started working on Original. Work on the new album took
place in Connecticut, Massachusetts & Barbados. The albumʼs sole feature is
Khaleelʼs cousin and fellow member of the DoubleCrown roster Keion Jevon.
Khaleel states “I knew exactly how I wanted the album to sound, the chronological
order of each track and a few other key components for over a year. The
rollercoaster challenge was executing the vision to a tee. Me being the only
producer on the album made it simpler to work through a ‘no room for errorʼ kind
of ethic.”


J Dillaʼs Donuts, the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership, Q-Tip, Stephen
Sondheim, Talking Heads & EWF were among some predecessors Khaleel listened
to during Originalʼs creative process. “The biggest goal for this LP was to make
something that hasnʼt been made yet. A reason behind the title ‘Originalʼ is it
being one of its own body of work made by one person. Which I hope people will
recognize at their own pace.”


Original available on Apple Music & all streaming services today.




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Dominati - "Godfather Lifestyle"

Rising Detroit rap star Dominati drops his latest music video entitled "Godfather Lifestyle". After running the streets and serving time in prison, Dominati is starting to build his name in the rap game.  His new video "Godfather Lifestyle" is a single from his first EP "The Crucible Dominati", set to be released in October. 

Instagram @officialdominati
Soundcloud: officialdominati
Youtube: dominatiofficial 
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Blak Luck - "Up The Block"

Blak Luck has a dope versatile flow on "Up the Block," over a dark trap beat prod by Raw Beatz (Lil Dirk, Maino). BLAK LUCK currently lives in Baltimore but is from all over the East Coast which distinguishes his original sound!






Instagram @BLAKLUCK & @Blackandco_




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B. Lansky - "The Round Table"


B. Lansky is a Miami based rapper, originally from New York, he
grew up in Long Island then ended up in Manhattan where he had a
recording studio. Studio owner turned rapper…a few collabs later
(Hell Rell, Vado , Elephant Man, Zoey Dollaz) B. Lansky is born.
B. Lansky first studio album dropping later this summer “If I Said It, I
Meant it”.. will show why New York rap influences will always
outspend the test of time.

With the release of his new single and video —“ Talk Of The Town “
B. Lansky pays homage to Cam’ron in the legendary pink bathroom
trying to pull off the ultimate heist. “Talk of The Town” will be
streaming on all platforms July 1st, along with the music video

• 500k Views on YOUTUBE



@B.Lansky23 on Instagram
@Lansky_B on Twitter


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Documentary Filmmaker Al Profit Busts the War on Drugs with "Cocaine Condor" in Episode 4 of "American Dope" on Amazon Prime Video 
Free "Cocaine Condor" Viewing on YouTube on Friday the 13th In Recognition of National Recovery Month
Profit has released the fourth episode in his "American Dope" series! "Cocaine Condor,"  fearlessly unhinges and exposes the role of the American government in the illegal trade from the 1930's to present. "Cocaine Condor" will be available as a free 24 hour screening on Friday, September 13, 2019 on Youtube on Profit's channel at, in recognition and support of National Recovery Month. The series is available now on Amazon Prime Video.
Los Angeles - Brazen filmmaker/ director Alan Bradley, better known as Al Profit, has written, produced, directed and edited a dozen explosive documentaries uncovering the most infamous crime conspiracies, including "The Frank Matthews Story," "Killing Jimmy Hoffa," "Motown Mafia," "Rollin'," and "Streets of New York." His most recent contribution to the culture, "American Dope," currently available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video, is a culmination of his in-depth study of the drug game on a global level. A seven-part series consisting of full-length documentaries, Profit has released the fourth episode, "Cocaine Condor."  This fourth installment of the "American Dope" series fearlessly unhinges and exposes the role of the American government in the illegal trade from the 1930's to present.  "Cocaine Condor" debuts on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 13, 2019. Profit is also offering a free 24 hour Friday the 13th screening on his YouTube channel at in recognition and support of National Recovery Month
"Cocaine Condor" tackles the political backstory of pop-culture touchstones such as "Narcos," "Cocaine Cowboys," and the "Freeway Rick Ross Contra-CIA Scandal."  Asserting truths far stranger than fiction, "Cocaine Condor" is an explicitly disturbing reveal.  With research impeccably sourced from congressional archives, major mainstream media outlets like the New York Times,  interviews from Michael Levine, the most decorated undercover agent in DEA history, as well as Douglas Valentine , a journalist who has interviewed more Federal drug agents than anyone, and Courtney Brown, Jr , the son of a Detroit kingpin, Chapter 4 of "American Dope" is a bust on propagated misinformation fed to the public for decades.
"Cocaine Condor" Trailer |
American Dope Ep. 4 | Al Profit
Focusing on "Operation Condor," the secret American program to support right wing political leaders south of the border and protect American business interests, "Cocaine Condor" explores how this effort resulted in a widespread flood of cheap drugs washing across the U.S. and causing the so-called "crack epidemic." 
"All the conspiracy theories about the U.S. Government and illegal drugs are not only true, they are even worse than you can imagine," asserts Profit. "I decided to make the "Cocaine Condor" episode available for free viewing for a day on YouTube because I wanted everyone to have access to this information and Friday the 13 th seemed like the perfect date to drop this bomb of information. Just think about it, we might never have needed a National Recovery Month if these exploits had never happened! I'm extremely excited about the entire 'American Dope series. When completed, it will be an all-inclusive encyclopedia on the notorious history of drug trafficking in this nation."   
"American Dope" launched with Chapter 1, "Cold War, Heroin Heat," a tale of corruption stretching from 1920's Shanghai through to the Vietnam War and onto the streets of New York, circa 1970. Profit uncovers how the U.S. Government allowed Asian and European criminal syndicates to ravage the American population with heroin in exchange for supporting capitalism.
Chapter 2, "Acid Dreams," is a 'trip' to the 1950's and 60's when all across the country, from Harvard to Hollywood, people were experimenting with hallucinogens. This serious tell-tale probes LSD, MK-Ultra, Timothy Leary and the rise of the hippie counterculture. 
Chapter 3, "White Powder, Black Power," investigates when the illegal drug economy was one of the most viable capital building tools for African Americans. Similar to the Italians, Irish and Jewish mob families that made fortunes during Prohibition, Black gangsters and their families went from rags to riches with often violent returns on their investments.
Left to right, production partner Scott M. Burnstein  
and filmmaker Al Profit (behind the camera),  
for "American Dope" series on Amazon Prime Video 
A Detroit native and graduate of the University of Michigan, Al Profit holds an M.A. in Economics and brings a distinctively disruptive perspective to investigative reporting. His YouTube channel, , has a massive cult following and is a heavily visited hub for his many volatile works, which include short, medium, and full-length documentaries and his no holds barred commentary content on crime, history, and politics. 
"Cocaine Condor" premiered July at the Arena Cine Lounge in Hollywood, CA and will be available for international viewing and purchase on Free viewing will be available all day Friday, September 13 at
Al Profit's full-length documentaries, merchandise, including original artwork on canvas, snapbacks, and jackets, can be purchased at www. with signature American Dope apparel designed by @mylesHI
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Introducing Young Leaf



Please introduce yourself and let us know where you are from:

My name is Khalif Smith and I was born in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up in Las Vegas when I was younger then move to Philadelphia when I was 14. I went to high school at Upper Darby High and went to college at Kutztown University.


How did you come up with your artist name?

It’s pretty funny how I came up with my artist name. When I first started the recording process almost three years ago it was Killa Kha. One day I realize it should be Young Leaf because my nickname been Leaf since I was six years old. I wanted an artist name that would stick with me through out this process.


Tell us about your 2 new singles, what inspired you to create them?

Chasing You was a song that I wanted to let everybody know that I got to learn my lesson about chasing girls that don’t care about me. Originally, I wanted it to be a solo song but I hit up my brother A Money if he wanted to be apart of this collaboration on the song and the catchy song was made between us and more songs are on the way between the both of us.

Got The Keys the lead single off my debut album “Reflections” was made because I was going through a lot of things at the time. I wanted to let some frustration out during this song and let everybody know how I was really feel about certain things. How would you feel if people was just using you and not appreciating the things that you was doing for them. So, I wanted a lot of people to relate to this song. Just do what you love to do and you will be happy. Don’t worry about any outside noise.

Do you write your own music?

Yes, every song and that will not change until my time is up in this world.


Where do you find the passion from to create your music?

Just the experiences that I have been through in my life.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most?

I love being a musician because I get to create and have fun with it and no one can’t take my passion away from me.

The thing that I hate the most about it the most is people only support when they see you actually making things happen. I wish they would understand the process that it take to be an artist while making a lot of sacrifices. What I mean by that is finding out who is really there for you, moving to a different state, and changing different habits in my life style.


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change something in the industry is for everybody to get along and make some dope music.


Describe your sound in three words:

Different, Unique, and Myself

What inspires you to write music?

I been in love with music since I was seven years old. If you love something as much as I do with music then that should inspire you to do it.


Success to you is…

Success to me is to inspire the youth and make an impact with my voice because I feel I can work on being more vocal as a leader.

Tell us about your upcoming projects...

My debut album “Reflections” is due in 2020 with a lot of big features on the project.


Where do we find you music / music projects?

Apple Music

Any last words for the readers or advice for upcoming artists?

Just be yourself and do what you love to do. If you do then you will be happy with your life and enjoy it. Life is too short to be worrying about what the next person is doing so just live it to the fullest.


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The Houston, TX underground rap crew known as The Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid (#BOHUP) comes through with their full-length LP titled Kangol, that was produced by Noah Archangel. Featuring 13 tracks, the guys of #BOHUP bring their A-game, delivering meaningful bars over dope lo-fi boom bap production. Highlights on the album include the light and airy, electric guitar-infused “Spirit Bomb” and the cool, calm and collective “Funny Bunny” that urges folks not to speak unless it’s about the money. The crew even takes it back to the days of skits in Hip-Hop with a witty one of their own titled “Phite Weoples.” Another track mentioning is the super smooth “Golden Child” where each member of the track gets a chance to tap into a more braggy flow that adds more dimension and versatility to the album. Along with Kangol on streaming services, #BOHUP also released exclusive CD's and limited vinyl that can be found on Check out Kangol and be on the lookout for upcoming videos on for the tracks “Bedrock,” “Spirit Bomb,” and “19 Mentality featuring AG Da Coroner.” dropped today.
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Deji Rose - "Uh Huh, Yeah"


Deji Rose is a producer and recording artist from Long Island New York. From an early age he was musically inclined, playing the violin and clarinet and also singing in the church choir. Growing up in the 2000’s, Deji listened to pop, rock, hip hop and edm. But it was in elementary school that he was exposed to DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, and his love for realness and rawness in Hip Hop took hold.


Currently residing in Atlanta, Deji Rose is a multifaceted artist who goes where his heart leads him. Inspired by the likes of DMX, Kid Cudi, Nelly and more, Deji Rose blends pop influences with creative rapping and singing and ethnic influences, creating a unique sound that reflects his story and lifestyle.

Deji Rose’s latest single Uh Huh, Yeah is now out on all streaming platforms, and is a summer club banger you don’t want to miss.


Follow On Instagram:

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This track is the result of a chance meeting between Miami-based Illa Da Producer (Beat supplier for Lil Wayne, French Montana, Pusha T, DJ Khaled and 2 Chainz …and on Eminem’s Revival album) and Malou Beauvoir on a cool summer day. The track originally released on Malou’s SPIRITWALKER album, speaks of her spiritual awakening. Revisited by the uber-talented ILLA DA PRODUCER, the track is a soulful, subtle mix of Hip Hop and R&B.



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Walt Wellz - "Spaceship"

Walt Wellz is a rising music artist from Waukegan, Illinois, a small town 30 mins. outside of Chicago, Illinois. He has been writing music his whole life but never pursued it professional until last year when his 7yr old asked him what  he does for a living. Everything. Everything he writes is a reflection of his life. Walt Wellz takes his music seriously and will have plenty of hot music coming soon!!!
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