Michael Alan Scott - "Honest Man"


When I first came across Michael Alan Scott on Instagram I was so ecstatic about his name! By now most people have seen “The Office” at least one time through, so having the same name as the main character (one of the most popular TV Show characters of all time) is an awesome way to stand out. With that being said a name is just a name but musical talent, that is what I am all about, and Micheal Alan Scott has an abundance of it. 


The first time I heard Micheals vocals were on a Connor Gray cover of “Comfort Crowd” that he released on his Instagram page back in early May. As soon as his vocals came In I knew we had to talk with him, and ask him a little about his music career. Micheal is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been creating music there for many years, soon he will be moving to Nashville to continue his journey as an artist. With multiple releases set on the horizon, we are going to be hearing a lot from Micheal in the coming weeks and months. 


“Honest Man” the debut single from Micheal Alan Scott will be dropping on August 21st, keep your eyes out for that. And his debut EP is set for the fall. For now make sure you give him a follow on social media, and pre save the track on Spotify! Links below. 

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