Queen ReRe - "No Feelings"


Regina Reign is back again with another hot new single “No Feelings”! With the Dancehall rhythm and catchy chorus this is a perfect track for summer. The melodic synth patterns, and syncopated drums smoothly glide along with Regina’s well written lyrics. It is rare to find an artist with range and versatility like Regina Reign. She proves it time and time again every time she drops a new track. 


If you have been on the lookout for a new artist, and something that fits your summer playlist, make sure you checkout “No Feelings” by Regina Reign. This is a track you are not going to want to miss. “We sip a little henny, no feelings I have no more, any” Is one of my favorite bars in the track that is stacked full of great lyrics. 


Go give Regina Reign a follow on social media, and go stream + share “No Feelings” out now on all music platforms. 

“No Feelings”:





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