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 “A Single that will give you High-Octane Euphoria as when you first fell in Love.”


If you ask when Frank Rocca was born, he will say he made his début in the world the same day of the release of his most recent single.  The new most recent single Cocaina Queen classified as “electronic love trap”, was organically produced and infused with an abundance of creative ideas by the unique and provocative music artist Frank Rocca and the composer, record producer and multi-instrumentalist musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina Martin Irigoyen.  Frank had originally asked Martin Irigoyen to remake the instrumentals for his demo on Soundcloud titled "Restraint", with a Latin flare.  In the process of remaking the instrumentals for Rocca’s demo Martin Irigoyen got inspired and came up with the tune. Rocca then wrote the lyrics based on personal experience. The music video Cocaina Queen was produced and directed by Frank Rocca along with Hoang Anh Nguyen (Director) and Freaky Motion Studios (Production).  Be ready to enter this 3D Alice in Wonderland futuristic fantasy land where you will explore the creation of the Cocaina Queen. Much like a chameleon she’s every woman or every color in this eye candy colorful experience.

Frank Rocca is at the helm of his own music empire, producing tracks through his label Disgustin Music which is distributed by The Orchard/ Sony Music.  Rocca had no musical impetus to get into the music business. There was no one in his family or personal background that persuaded him to become a musician.  Instead Rocca, found himself moved by multiple genres of music and artists.  As he remarks, “There is always something to learn from every tune”.  

As Rocca is promoting his current music, he is also working on perfecting his upcoming Disruptive Technology EP with collaborations of various artists like vocal legend Miss Tata Vega ( Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Elton John)Mitchy Slick Strong (Arm SteadyEd & Keys which produced Nipsey Hussle whole Grammy nominated album), Erica Schiff (American Idol), Jason Slater (Third Eye Blind) and many more. 


Rocca’s personal passion lays on creating awareness for humankind on the drastic changes in the world the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR), which he states, is taking place as we speak.  “I’m interested in shining a light on the subject and the issues that go along with it, adds Rocca.

“Overall I hope if people listen to my music that it will lead them to take the time to be aware that we are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Age. Over the next decade systems, not technology will change the world with positive and negative impacts.

Much like the conditions of the perfect storm these technologies will converge into one system. The world will look like a much different place a decade from now.  And one of the things that these converging systems and technologies will never be able to do "organically " is LOVE.

              The single is now available on Amazon Music, Spotify and all other Digital outlets. 

Music Video is currently available on Vevo, YouTube and other Video outlets Nationwide


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Flood Dawg - "Boss"

Flood Dawg's single BOSS off of his album Emotions Running High due out the beginning of the year is quickly taking off. On BOSS Flood Dawg's stand-out vocals and lyrics shine bright on the track and not riding anyone else's wave. Flood Dawg is definitely here to stay and it's someone everyone needs to get to know. 


Ashokie, North Carolina born rapper Flood Dawg walks the line between Hip Hop and R&B, with his distinctive cadence and aura. Doubling down as a music engineer, he's worked hard for everything he has and exhibits a hunger for the dream like no other. The quote that he lives by is "Don't let the noise of other people's opinion drown out your inner voice," which is a mantra made famous by Steve Jobs. Flood Dawg wants to be known worldwide for staying true to himself, he hopes to inspire people to go for their dreams and ambitions by setting goals and working to achieve them. Like his father told him "Never stop dreaming because a man without a dream is dead already. 

Twitter: @flooddj5 / @ourbrandmusic
Instagram: @flooddawg / @ourbrandmusic
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For the past month, Dublin based underground hip-hop artist, Johnny Climax,
has been traveling through the UK, Asia, Australia with a mini-tour to build on
influences to create unique and textured sounds and melodies.

With his latest single, Johnny is doing anything but ‘Sleeping All The Time’ on
this track, collaborating with CO The Artist and producer ‘New Machine’ who is
no stranger to the Irish Hip-Hop scene. He’s worked with the likes off Plan B,
Maverick Sabre & Devlin, along with many of the top artists from the Irish Hip
Hop scene. Not only has Johnny Climax, racked up millions of views this month
on new media platforms but shown his versatility in creating music for the
creators on TikTok.

Following the release of his latest single ‘What’s Your Name’, which racked up
over 44K Streams on Spotify, Johnny Climax brings you ‘Sleeping All The Time’.
His music has seen support from blogs such as, EDM Sauce
and he’s accumulated over 142K Streams on his YouTube Channel..
Johnny says “Sleeping All The Time” is the first of a string of singles and videos
he will be releasing throughout the rest of the year, culminating in an EP slated
for mid 2020.







TikTok: @johnnyclimaxofficial





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Bonafide - "Turn Off The Lights"

Bonafide is a band composed of four biological brothers who spread love and encouragement through the unmistakable vibes of reggae pop music. Although their list of success includes three #1 songs on the charts, these gentlemen remain humble and dedicated to their community. Their humble roots of Montego Bay, Jamaica serve as a constant reminder that everyone deserves a little help to get somewhere. Bonafide's love for music is indelible, however, their deep desire for philanthropy is unmatched
Instagram @bonafidereggae 
Facebook bonafide876 
Twitter @bonafidereggae
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K.B. Kenneth Brabham - "You and I"

Since before I can remember I have been an avid lover of music who's goal has always been to draw out your emotions in my songs. Overtime through trials (prison, heartbreak, homelessness, etc.), tribulations and many life lessons I have been able to grow as a person and a musician. My commitment to the perfect song and experience for all my fans and communities is one that I hope will keep you coming back again and again. I will never stop improving and am continuing to expand my reach to every person who can feel and even to those who may not.




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Ay Biz - Boss Up ft Stendo3x

Boss Up by Ay Biz is an absolute hit. Everyone go checkout this video!
Lyrically this song is on another level, especially once it comes in. The chorus is so catchy and perfect for a party or club scene. Stendo 3x has a dope flow and verse on this track as well. Looking forward to hearing more from these 2.
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ZAR - "Cigarette Smoke"

ZAR is back with another smooth Hip-Hop track that has that slow melodic build up I always look for in a great song. The lyrical content + flow match the bat layering perfectly. From Toronto ZAR has a unique style to his music, give it a listen!! Cigarette Smoke is a party/ chill / summer jam that is perfect for any good mood playlist!

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#PeachezInc Presents #Newyearseve weekend jam in Tampa December 27th featuring
@jarule @avantmusic @anthonyhamiltonofficial @therealjoethomas @kmichellemusic @realchrisknite and @therealtianavanae at the @yuenglingcenter hosted by comedian @atrainlivetheexperience


Get your tickets @ticketmaster

For media credentials Contact


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Rizzy Rackz - "Bet"


Growing up in Richmond, VA there isnʼt much opportunity for young driven artists such as Rizzy Rackz. Its a city of low-income families and high crime rates. He got the name Rackz as a teenager when a friend pointed out the fact that Rizzy never bought anything, but always had a big stack of money. One day while in the studio recording he got a call that his 23-month-old daughter was shot in the side of her torso during a visit to a family members house in Hillside Court Projects on Richmond's Southside. The same neighborhood where his uncle, Marco, was murdered several years earlier by his best friend. Thankfully the bullet went straight through all flesh, sparing all organs as well as her life.


From that point on Rackz took his music more serious, focusing on developing a sound that's unique to him and no other saying “Failing is not an option." When talking to Rizzy, at times it seems as if he has this intellectual burden of superb logic, street consciousness, and self-awareness. He said, “I just wanna make people move while maintaining substance, content, and deliverance of the message.” Rackz's new single "BET" is definitely an all new sound with a contagious vibe. Perfect title to describe the feeling the song gives you. Authenticity is what you get with Rizzy Rackz. Follow him on this journey of music and life.



IG -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Soundcloud -


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Balla Bellee - "Slurpy"


There’s something brewing near the waters of the “Mighty Mississippi” in the Bluff City.”

There’s a Hip Hop artist in Memphis taking the industry by storm and his fans are loving every second of it. His name is Balla Bellee. He’s a young charismatic rapper with a dynamic flow, wild antics, and polished appeal.


With records that can shake any night club speakers at its peak, he has his sights set on more chart topping reviews. Balla Bellee of MoneyVultureEnt. was born and raised in North Memphis, TN,(a rough neighborhood) and he vowed to embrace his upbringing and adversity and use it to inspire others through his music by sharing his story in a fun way. By doing this, he creates a certain magic which captivates fans. He mixes real life experiences with flare and awe to captivate his supporters. He’s on the rise for sure. He already has one breakout SMASH single “Slurpy” that’s already buzzing in the streets, blazing airways-making way for his highly anticipated mixtape in 2020.


“30Day30Nights” which holds features from several notable industry artists as well as fellow label artist TiggerDaDon. CeoChadWatson, (manager) said “He’s definitely ‘got it’ and you can definitely feel the authenticity in his music.” Let’s all stand up on our feet and welcome hip hop newest underclassman!



Booking contact:



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The songstress has been open about her traumatic upbringing and recent falling out with former musical project on her instagram. Her chronic depression and substance abuse issues may be at fault.


Her last instagram story on Halloween, alluded to doing "too much" and posting a timeline of withdrawal symptoms.



Sources close to the artist have claimed she has been having a tough few months with changing artistic direction, adjusting to sober living, and a recent traumatic breakup. She has not recently been in touch with former friends for a  few months. 


A source close to the star has said, "(Eve) is one of the most broken hearted young women I have ever met, she chases love and gets destroyed. All her music are like her diary entries and I pray for her everyday. She hasn't been in contact lately, and everyone's been worried sick about her."


Her therapist cannot comment at this time.


There is currently no information on Eve's current condition, however shes been admitted in Mount Sinai Hospital.

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