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Myke Rook is On The Rise

Myke Rook is a 20 year old up and coming artist/ Psychology Major (Stony Brook University) from Long Island, NY, that stands by one thing... TRUTH. He believes that his mission on this Earth is to spread PeaceLove and Positivity by expressing himself, whether it be through his music, his hair (positivity/negativity) or his brand TAP 224, which he founded 2/24/2020. Throughout all of his problems in life he turned to God and found peace within Truth. Speaking about his experiences in his music, he wants to share his story and how he overcomes his struggles in his day to day life, so he can leave a positive impact for anyone whose Tapped In.
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Ammon To Drop New Album "Thrown Out" in April

Rising multi-talented Louisville hip hop artist Ammon is dropping a hot new album titled "Thrown Out" in April with everything exclusively done by Ammon himself. Check out the cover art below and make sure you follow him on IG @beechmontkid to stay up to date with all his releases.
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By giving a sincere warning, nothing can be misunderstood. Covert Joy’s debut single “Warning You” is the modern-day bad boy anthem with a message that says: “If you want to be with me, you’ve got to understand you’re not the only one.” Covert sings with a zealous playfulness that signals a straight-forward announcement of where he stands when it comes to relationships. The lyrics illustrate the situation of an open-hearted player who is just having fun with a sharing is caring mentality. The release date of “Warning You” is March 27th.

Boston, Massachusetts native, Covert Joy, is an exciting new emerging talent to the music scene. Being surrounded by music in the home during his early years, it’s no surprise that this would be the career path and calling Covert fell into. As a child, his parents would consistently play the most popular songs from their era which eventually drew Covert Joy to fall in love with the harmonies. Once he started voice lessons in high school, it was clear that his passion and calling would be to pursue music full time. Perfecting his craft over time, the young artist’s music can best be described as pop music with a Venn diagram into other genres such as soul, rock, and funk with a modern flair and twist.

With a work ethic like no other and natural talent, Covert Joy will continue to carve a path in the music scene and touch many with his sound. Covert Joy is making his mark in this pop-millennial era of music with his current visual release for “Warning You.” Covert Joy is an artist on the rise.



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Raashid Muhammad - "Star" ft. FranktikTheGod


Rising hip-hop artist Raashid Muhammad has maintained his craze amongst the fans by releasing new tracks based on hip hop and rap. Well, this artist has started his journey in the world of music at a very tender age. He was only eleven years old when he invented his rapping skills. When he was thirteen years old, by following a therapeutic way, he managed to escape the struggle that he actually had to face like other black men did. According to Raashid Muhammad, music is the only thing that can heal the mind. Therefore, he has chosen this way to get back all the peace of his mind. It works like weed and alcohol and gives instant relief to every pain. Raashid Muhammad has taken things into new direction. The hip hop elements in his tracks are properly infused together to make it a big hit. This artist is really giving a character and energy to all his tracks.



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The London based singer released her new single, "Maybe" on Valentine’s Day.



After the underground success of her last single, Worth It, Tina Tara released her new single Maybe on February 14th.



Have you ever struggled in a new relationship? Have you ever wondered if it would just be a fling or something that would last forever? If you answered yes, Tina Tara's new single, "Maybe" is just for you.


Led by a beautiful piano that's backed by a thumping bass, The well-produced, dance hall inspired track is guaranteed to be an instant fan favorite as it has enough bounce to might make car clubs jealous; and Tina Tara rides the beat perfectly singing: "Maybe we are here to play the show / Maybe you can teach me what you know / Maybe we will both get kind of close / But maybe we will end up all alone." Maybe is sure to dominate any party setting while having fans from all walks of life singing along with the song at the same time.


Maybe is an all-around impressive display of pop music, as Tina Tara - who's known for her beautiful voice and catchy lyrics, definitely shows why she's been labeled as a new artist to look out for in 2020 from start to finish.


Check out Tina Tara's stunning visual for "Maybe" here:



Tina Tara Social Media:

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Reck Yosiah - "Nostalgia"



Reck was born in Christiansted, St. Croix, where he lived briefly as a small child before moving with his mother to Brooklyn, New York. When in New York City, he was exposed to the hip-hop culture listening to The Notorious B.I.G. through neighbors radios and on the bus. Not only was Reck exposed to hip-hop in New York, but that is where he would find his R&B roots from groups and artists such as Boyz 2 Men, B2K, Mario, and Jagged Edge.

As a teenager Reck was fascinated by poetry and rap but never considered trying it himself until high school. He heard of an artist by the name of Drake, rap on the show Degrassi. It was from that moment on that Reck decided that just maybe he could mix his poetry with a beat and create a song. In early 2010 Reck's life was rocked by tragedy when his father passed away, during that time he became rebellious and reckless.

Later that year he came up with an idea that would later turn into the movement that is GO Official. A year later, in 2011 he would collaborate with his longtime friend Nazzy and meet Makkeio in Las Vegas to form the collective GO Official. Reck's style is a blend of poetry and life situations. He's influenced by the world around him and tells stories for the world from the world. Reck considers his music almost like a timeline of his life as well meshing a bit of witty lyrics to the trials and tribulations of life he's been through thus far.

In Fall 2015 Reck released his first official single PLANNIN on iTunes and streaming services. Reck considers it a milestone, separating a hobby from a passion and letting the world know that he's arrived. Reck now is the CEO of GO Official, LLC which consists of the Positive Mindset Clothing line as well as G.O. Entertainment. As for the future Reck plans on building the Go Official brand into one that can stand the test of time and create music that'll live on forever.
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3+1 - "Alive" ft. TonyB.


Inspired by the era of technical revolution and the first space flights, which is reflected in the visual aesthetics of our art, we understand that humanity can only reach the stars and rush into the future by uniting for real, rejecting the remnants of the past like enmity, violence, intolerance. We want to support that movement with our music, and therefore we create it together with representatives of different countries and musical cultures, in the most accessible genre, in a language that most people on Earth can understand.


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