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Drea Nicole - "Musical Therapy"

Multi-talented NY based singer and songwriter Drea Nicole just dropped her latest album "Musical Therapy". Check out her amazing new music below!


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Jaypeefromthe45 - "Step to Me"

Josh Powell AKA Jaypeefromthe45 is a Drill/Trap Rapper from The 45 in Brisbane, Australia. He recently moved to New Zealand to pursue his music. Jaypeefromthe45 has continued to build his buzz with his numbers increasing daily on Instagram.
The rising rap star just dropped his most recent single "Step To Me", a trap song that's about his every day life when he lived in the 45. 45 is known as the moreton bay region in Brisbane and that's where Jaypeefromthe45 is originally from. 
Look out for Brisbane's hottest hip hop artist who is quickly rising to the top!
Stay keen to see what's in store for 2020 for Jaypeefromthe45!
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LilFaceless is Back With More Heat!

Anthony Geddes, known professionally as LilFaceless, is an American rapper, singer, and composer from Tampa, Fla. He released his very first Guttah Creek mixtape "Operation Free-dome" under the name Trillion Treasons in late 2005. Yes, he was def about that life. 
He took a hiatus from music to focus on family coming back stronger than ever to release a series of singles on all major platforms as continues to build his catalog.
In a recent interview, he is quoted as saying, "I cannot survive without writing music. I have seen it all The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and I have a story to tell."
LilFaceless is a non-fictional artist that uses music as his medium to connect with his tribe. To him, "music is life experiences translated into art."
IG: @lilfaceless_
Twitter: @lilfaceless
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Jur - Outer Inner



Ozzie also known as "Jur" is a Sufi Muslim born and raised on Long Island, NY of Kashmiri ancestry. The rising multi-talented artist is aiming to redefine a hip hop industry that is influenced by satan. In his music, Jur, shares positive inspirational messages of love and praising God and not being afraid to say worshiping satan is wrong. Jur aims to raise peoples vibration about their lower self or animal impulse, contrary to the majority of modern day hip hop. The unique artist has essentially created his own new genre of music that is captivating the attention of people and fans all around the world.

Elevate above the animal instinct. A new genre of music that combines the true essence of Sufism, teachings of elevating consciousness and contemporary music.

Elevate above the animal instinct. Modern dhikr "Allah Hu" by Ozzie Bute from the album Legacy 111. A form of worship through musical praise of the one God in Islam.






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Introducing The Weed Bar


About The Weed Bar

The Weed Bar is a multimedia company bridging the gap between the medical marijuana culture and the entertainment industry. We made a commitment to our viewers to be educational, honest, and fun. We are not scripted.

The Weed Bar Vlog will be product driven. The host and guest will discuss products that will discuss products that will be provided.  All products will be discussed throughout the show for the most honest commentary and review.

There will be no set amount of guest or host. The direction of the show will flow with the discussion of the products as they are released. We ask that all involved parties are on time and stick to the script of getting high!


The Weed Bar presents Angela Yee. In this episode everything was discussed from Gucci Mane drama, sexual preferences, and more. 

For more on The Weedbar: or

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Q Dot Davis Promotions



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It is of normality to hear a hip-hop artist reference a popular athlete,actor, or  historically famous drug dealer in their songs. Birmingham rappers,Q Dot Davis and Jaxxxon have tapped into mentioning  something quite different.

Q Dot’s latest musical release is named after a famous meteorologist! The track is called ‘James Spann’, it is named after an Alabama based meteorologist that  Davis watched as a toddler up until present.

In the track’s melodic hook there is a line that says “Imma make it rain when I take my jacket off, James Spann”, this reference was influenced by the well known fact to Alabamians that when James Spann takes his jacket off, the weather is going to be really bad! 


Q Dot,who was a marketing major in college, expertly teased the track before its release with a picture of himself with James Spann and the featured artist,Jaxxxon. James Spann himself has retweeted the promotional song clip a few times. The song is very catchy and the rhyme pattern and delivery of the artist definitely  represent the “sound of Alabama” that hip hop is looking for. The song has great potential to do extremely well in the Alabama music market and beyond. 


Weathermen everywhere are excited to see someone in their profession be referenced and have a song named after them! 

Q Dot continues to be innovative in his approach as a hip hop pioneer for Alabama.  I’m no weatherman, but my prediction is that his career is gonna be a hot one! 


Listen to Q Dot Davis  #JamesSpann feat Jaxxxon right now on #Spotify #Tidal #ITunes and #AmazonMusic


Follow Q Dot Davis and Jaxxxon on IG 



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Rising Detroit hip hop artist Rocdwell is celebrating the New Years with the release of his upcoming album, "SIMPLICITY" (The Life That Makes the Songs) dropping Feb. 6th. His new album is a concise soulful collection of inspirational and motivational music that was created to be a soundtrack for everyday life. Rocdwell provides his riveting stylish, smooth delivery that will take you on a journey through his musical brand of SoulLifeMusic, inspiring his listeners to live better, love better and do better. Motivate your 2020 all year with this impactful breath of fresh air to the Detroit hip hop music scene.


Check the music video of the single, "I Thought So", from the upcoming album, SIMPLICITY. An "encourage yourself" anthem from the minimalist Detroit soul hip hop artist, Rocdwell.



instagram/twitter: @rocdwell

Facebook: Alan Rocdwell Johns

YouTube: Rocdwell Johns l



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Yucifer - "Racks"

Written from a personal space of struggle, ‘Racks’ was created as a vital form of self-expression. Yucifer describes the writing process as something that “just felt natural, I just snapped and spat it all out at once.” This release is the cataclysm of depression and anger."

Yucifer drew inspiration by a succession of events that lead to a breaking point in the form of this song. The artist describes going through a very dark period in his life and having nothing to previously do with music. He soon realized he had a lot of things to put out and express to avoid poisoning himself up further with the things that he had held inside.

Before turning to music, Yucifer struggled to find contentment with his life, as a whole, and had been struggling to find the motivation to do anything other than think about these things. This just exacerbated his condition and everything spiraled downwards. His depression turned into severe anxiety and he started having a very strong psychosomatic response in the form of panic attacks a few months after this song was written.

Yucifer indicates, "that pain shapes you, but it is a fine line between letting it teach you what you need to be taught and being destroyed by it". He further indicates, "it takes pain to want to change, and disgust, at yourself, for ending in a position you no longer want to be in". Yucifer's wisdom comes from real life experiences which are portrayed in his music. Ultimately he says, "It is only then when you truly change, from the inside out and move forward, that you can pick yourself up".
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Dita Truth - "Unleashed"

Rising Ohio rap star Dita Truth is taking over the rap game! He just dropped his new EP entitled "Unleashed". His new album is packed with hot joints including his hit single “Do The Right Thing“ ft. Paperboy Solo G. Dita Truth's music will also be featured in the upcoming independent film 410 Da' Movie garnishing support from celebrities such as Taye Diggs, Emilio Rivera, and Keisha Knight Pulliam. Check out his new EP "Unleashed" below!













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"Eve Minor delivers iconic Paste Magazine performance in garbage bag; tells her haters to "eat her a**hole 3 times from the back."

"F*ck The Law!", proclaimed NYC punk brat Eve Minor, in an iconic performance in Paste Magazine . She dominated the conversation by blasting haters and showing viewers she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her: true art and truth to self will always prevail.
A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, engineer and visual artist who takes notes from friend, Paul Booth, himself, Eve Minor was loud and proud about her talents The dark goddess played three instruments in the 30 minute span and invited legendary NYC drag queen, Misty Mountains to the stage for her premier of "RedRedRed", slated to come out January 11th.
In the wake of vicious male commentary made on the internet on her visual art, Minor took matters into her own hands and fashioned herself a dress out of a garbage bag, gleefully ripping out of it after the first song. 
Things got emotional as she discussed honestly and openly her recent split with former touring musicians and former "best friends", and gave praise to AFI's, Davey Havok for wishing her Merry Christmas, as well as mention of working with legendary hip hop producer, 88 keys. Minor, has been open about her feelings of abandonment and traumatic past through her art and music, and continues to show strength in her art; a real Renaissance woman, and warrior.
A triple threat, this woman refuses to stop spreading the message of self identity through the spirit of punk rock. She is the answer to an extremely watered-down industry. as her own label leader and sole voice. She brings the face of Madonna in her youth and the spirit of Johnny Rotten to the stage, taking no prisoners. "RedRedRed" is in your face, sexy, fierce, and filled with attitude. No writers, no producers, no managers; Eve Minor is what we've been waiting for.
Follow eve minor:
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Danikka - Love Scars


Multi-talented New York based singer, model, dancer, and actress, Danikka, has just released her debut album "Trap Witch". Her music depicts her journey to success while reflecting on personal real life experiences such as drug addiction, stacking money, and pursuing music as a professional career. Check out her amazing new hit single "Love Scars".


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AG Da Gift - "Name and Number" ft. Mike Mike


Ag Da Gift, born as Alexander Agee in Milwaukee, WI grew up heavily interested in the arts. He went to Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts, where he studied all areas but music was the one that he stuck with. That is where his musical journey began. He also has an entrepreneurial spirit. Always trying to find a way to make money off of his talents. 


As his journey progressed he got hold of a program called fruity loops and started making beats and recording music in his bedroom. Ag’s older sister decide to take on the role of being his manager. But Unfortunately his sister passed away in a tragic car accident. This is when AG decided to take music more serious. he wanted to dedicate his journey to her. 


When he graduated from Riverside High School, he went to McNally Smith College of Music St.Paul Minnesota.He also received an Scholarship from legendary rapper Ice Cube. Unfortunately, AG dropped out of school due to Grades and came back home to continue his journey. He came back to Milwaukee and joined his cousin’s label Purple Label. This time period was where he developed his identity as an artist and a producer.  2 years after he came back home. He decided to go back to School. He attented Columbia College, in Chicago Illinois for music business for 3 years. Ag also had to drop out of school again because he was expecting his first kid. 


He is now taking the grass root route this time around. He decided to rebrand and start his own with imprint and called it “Center City”. Which represents the part of the city he is from. (MIDTOWN Area)He decided he was going do everything in house starting with his production recording and merchandise. Center City The Label includes J.Rosco, April May, Dozzi B Marz producers Jeff Brizzle and Serita Campbell.


AG Da  Gift represent being resilient and relentless. He has faced many obstacles in life but that never stops him.If anything it fuels him to work harder and go against the odds. Another thing that pushes Ag to pursue this journey is one of his best friends and biggest supporters (Wati Majeed) died from a seizure in his sleep. He uses that as his new found motivation to continue to pursue music. He is always wants to his losses to wins. He always finds a way to turn tradegy to triumph. 






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Spazzo - "Kingdom Hearts"


Ohio Recording Artist, Spazzo (@spazzomusic), releases a new single titled “Kingdom Hearts”. It’s been about a year since the artists release, but comes back with a very melodic single release, following his announcement on Instagram coming out with his sexuality on his birthday. Check out Kingdom Hearts available now on SoundCloud, and expected to be released everywhere digitally in the following 2 weeks.



Instagram: @spazzomusic



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