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Services For CoCo Williams

Celebration of life Services were held for Corine  "Coco "Allen Williams Saturday April 21, 2018. From El  Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Mobile Alabama.
Coco touched the lives of many people through her music. She will be missed greatly missed by her Daughter LaTosha "Lady T" Williams Peters her Son Daniel "Boosie" Williams, and many other relatives.. Coco will be missed by the Southern Soul Music Industry..  We were all "Crazy About you Baby"

                                      SEE PICTURES HERE

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In Remembrance Of Kenny Hamilton

By Cassie CJ Fox
Southern Soul-Blues Music and Radio lost a huge fan and supporter,this past October 12.and his name was Kenny Hamilton. Kenny fought and lost his recent battle with cancer. Known in his hey day as "Montreal Kenny" to the people and press of Montreal Quebec, Kenny was an outstanding Rhythm and Blues Vocalist, who was remembered on vinyl and live performance,for his strong,rich voice,his intense and emotional delivery style. Kenny,born in Dayton,Ohio,started singing professionally at age of 10. In the mid-Sixties he moved  to Montreal to embark in the Soul ,and Music theater scene. He was a main stay and the iconic Esquire Club, in Montreal,where many touring American Soul, Rhythm and Blues acts performed as it was the hot spot for gritty soul rooted in American Southern sounds. Kenny was also known in Montreal and other provinces for his friendly,likeable persona,his warmth,easy going personality and sense of humor. Some of his entertainment peers and friends refer to him as the "Gentle Giant In The Canadian Music Industry for being an honest,approachable man,with good intentions"and for being a loyal,true friend,to so may.
Being the all around entertainer he was,Kenny also starred in Montreal's musical theater version of the musical " Hair " as well as guest roles on television and radio.
Kenny stated that his singing chops and style was heavily influenced by American music,rooted in the church,gospel and blues, that were mainly recorded in the Southern United States. At age 14, he said he heard for the first time,the crystal 50,000 watt clear channel AM radio signal from station WLAC in Nashville,  where nightime on-air personality  known as "John R" John Richbourg, played Soul,Rhythm and Blues,sponsored by several record stores. Hearing vocalists such Otis Redding,Percy Sledge,O.V.Wright,Bobby Blue Bland,Wilson Pickett,Ray Charles,Johnnie Taylor,Ollie Nightengale for the first time,Kenny was hooked on the authenticity,emotional urgency in the singers voices,along with their Southern Accents. In recent years,Kenny said he was "Thrilled to find internet and streaming radio where I Can  listen to my beloved Southern Rooted Music." He stated "I Love Everything about Southern Soul Music from the classics to the current newbie younger artists Of Southern Soul-Blues.He added" The dance and party jams to the ballads,I cannot get enough" He loved it-the Southern Music and Culture,so much, he joined The Boogie Report and WMPR-FM's website profiles. 
Kenny was inspired by the recent sounds and in the last two years,he made trips to the studio, where he laid down vocals with other artists for group gospel songs and soul.R&B.His final recordings ,were made within the last three to four months, between his routine of rest, medication changes,doctor visits,as the cancer took it toll on his body and voice. His final recording,"Knockdown" a soul mid tempo,epitaph as some call it. The vocals were recorded his his hospital room, surrounded by his wife Dale,his family and friends just hours before he left for his final journey. We Thank Kenny for loving and supporting American Southern Soul Music,embracing Southern Culture,as we  send our prayers and best wishes to Kenny's family and friends. 
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TAJ-MO review

With over 50 albums, seven Grammy awards and 80 years of combined musical experience between them, two masters of contemporary Americana, world music and blues—Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’—combined forces this year to bring the fruits of their experience and collaboration to world stages, including Chico’s Laxson Auditorium last Thursday (June 22).

After a short and sweet intro set by Black Pacific, a trio of Mahal’s children, the Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band kicked off with a hyperkinetic bass line building to bluesy horns that led to a first taste of Mahal’s signature vocal style. What followed was a band-showcasing instrumental section featuring trumpet crescendo, boogie-woogie piano, wailing saxophone and some tasty Keb’ Mo’ guitar. This is music that’s meant to get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor, and despite the lack of such in Laxson, a few true believers managed to create their own dance space on the peripheral aisle.

Seated for most of the show, the 75-year-old Mahal showcased deep lung power on harmonica and vocals for “Don’t Leave Me Here.” He traded lead vocals with Keb’ Mo’, who was also in fine form and unleashed stinging flurries of Chicago blues notes from his guitar.

The soulful declaration of identity from the bluemen’s new album, TajMo (released in May), “That’s Who I Am,” highlighted the blues in rhythm and blues, but by stacking the musical deck with rhythmic interactions of horn section, harmonica and vocals, the mood projected was one of strength, intent and purpose—presenting a living example and definition of genuine soul music.

A rendition of Sleepy John Estes’ classic “Diving Duck Blues,” which Mahal first recorded for his eponymous 1968 debut album, featured both bluesmen on resonator guitars for an intimate and crowd-pleasing exploration of country blues that made use of Laxson’s acoustic properties to allow the nuances of the quiet playing to ring through the hall.

Another highlight came in Mahal’s rendition of the exquisitely melodic Carole King/Gerry Goffin song “Take a Giant Step.” Mahal obviously enjoyed breaking the news that he didn’t actually write that title song of his breakthrough 1969 album. He was happy to pass along credit for the composition of the song, which deftly weaves Brill Building pop with a country blues flavor perfectly suited to Mahal’s sensibility and style.

After pausing to introduce the members of the Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band, which included Mahal’s two daughters from Black Pacific singing background vocals, the music shifted into a blues-funk mode that coaxed a few more irrepressible souls out of their seats to join the sideline dancers.

The shoulder-shimmying rhythm of Mahal original “She Caught the Katy” increased the urge to dance; so perhaps to ease the frustration, the next number, “Om Sweet Om” from the new album, slowed things to a more sedate mode, showcasing Keb’ Mo’s voice and guitar over a slow ode to peaceful contemplation.

Alternating favorites from Mahal’s extensive songbook—such as the classic “Going up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue,” with its mid-tempo groove and exuberant vocal, and the gospel fervency of new songs, including the band’s “All Around the World”—kept the audience rapt throughout the nearly two-hour concert, oscillating pleasantly between the reflective reverence and rowdy, whooping reveling that are the unifying polar extremes of the blues spectrum.

The solid two minutes of standing-ovation applause at the close of the show gave evidence that, for this audience, a dose of the blues succeeded at delivering cathartic celebration.

For more Blues news and reviews, visit Mojohand.com - Everything Blues™

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To the Soul/Blues artists:

Double-down! I can tell you this music is making progress and is gaining in popularity around the U.S. and abroad. I predict in 2016 there will be several southern soul/blues artists who will break out commercially which will spawn a new era. People are hungry for this music in regions where most artists are not yet traveling.

Some observations and feedback:

1) Label your music properly when distributing promotional music over the internet and via e-mail. Sending Track1.mp3 or having empty tags in the file is not easy to find your music if it is not labeled. An untitled music file is the same as handing someone a CD with no label on it.

2) Please encode and send your music as MP3 - not WMA or AAC. Preferably, we would like it to always a high-quality straight from the master at 320kbps.

3) Your newest release is not always the one you should promote. Dr. Ulysses Moye (noted clinician, artist, composer and director) mentions to always have your NEXT song ready for release at the same time when you release THIS song - same goes for book releases.

4) Continue to promote and build on existing momentum when your song is popular in one region of the country but maybe hasn't reached the rest of the world yet. Some of the most popular Southern Soul/Blues songs were released years ago and are just now being heard by some audiences. Even more, it the classics are every bit as relevant and popular as the new songs.

You might notice jazz and country songs tend to stay relevant on the charts longer than Urban music. Southern Soul and blues also tend to remain relevant longer than most pop music.

5) I notice many artists concentrating all of their performances in the deep south or in regions where there are audiences already familiar with the material. Try to find those venues outside your region. I hardly notice anyone from the South advertising shows in the North and vice-versa. Expand your tour radius if possible.

Most of all, stay true to the genre. In due time, this Southern Soul/Blues will emerge as another treasure born out of the struggle.

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Jerome Pullen leader of The Pullen Project grew up in Memphis ,tn. a music city started his first professional band straight from high school from there started recording and touring ,for the last twenty has been one of the mid south top leading r and b, pop, and funk bands . with the new project pullen feels the sky is the limit.

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According to the Internet Advertising Bureau 20.1 BILLION DOLLARS was the amount of revenue Internet advertising reached in just the first half of 2013.  How much of that number did you receive?

Today much of the content we engage with is intimately about us, our desires, our relationships, our locations, our like and dislikes.  As a musician, songwriter, artist or video creator you want to reach the maximum audience you can as quickly as possible.  Mobile phones and hand held devices our now the “screen” of choice.   Over 70% of mobile phone owners age 18 – 29 access social media on their devices as reported by Pew Research.

Consumers’ access video on their smartphones of course, but the content accessed is directly related to their lives.  Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, Whats app and now mobile dating platforms are popping up catering to the needs and desires of coordinating, socialization and connecting human beings constantly while on the go.

Smartphone screens have become as powerful, and in some instances, more powerful that television.  Once thought to be a passing fad the smartphone market has grown to be a crucial channel for advertisers and entire campaign strategies.  eMarketer predicts that by 2017 mobile will account for four (4) of ten (10) global digital ad dollars.

Start thinking now about how you can effectively reach your targeted audience through mobile.  Having people “LIKE ME” on a Facebook campaign no longer qualifies as a social media strategy.  Successful campaigns are those that prioritize mobile devices and social media during upfront planning getting customers involved while interacting with your audience in “real time” on a one on one basis.

Technology and content are getting more personal and individualized everyday. This trend is pushing mobile devices to the forefront for both advertisers and content creators.  As this shift continues successful companies will be those who build their marketing strategies around the consumer and engage them.

Listen to the Voice of Customer (VOC) whenever you can.  Most entertainment industry content creators substitute their audiences’ attitudes and motivations for their own biases resulting in frustrating web experiences and loss of profits.   When developing your content think more about what is needed versus what you want to happen.  The most profitable content of this century was developed by what people were NOT seeing or hearing at the moment within their day to day loves.


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Ronnie Grieco - Just Ain't No Love

Will Downing - A Love Supreme
Alexander O'Neal - Never Knew Love Like This
El' Willie - So Blessed
Ken Knox and Company - Ready Willing And Able
Darryl Johnson - THE LAST WORD
Ike Turner & His Kings of Rhythm - New Breed
Marcia Mitchell - WHAT DO YOU FEEL
LOMAX - Swing It
Lola - The Other Shoe
James Butler - Why Did U Answer My Cell Phone
I Smell Trouble.wav
Eddie Floyd - I've Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)
The Chi Lites - Stoned out of my Mind
Ann Peebles - Give Me Some Credit
Denise LaSalle - Make Me Yours / Precious, Precious / Trapped
Marcia Mitchell - FOR LOVE 
Johnny Rawls - Sometimes
Walt Luv - Don't Blame the Man
Priscilla Price - Give Me a Chance
Wily Bo Walker - I Want To Know (NY Funk Mix)
Rickey Calloway - Tell Me

Kalakuta Millionaires - Funky Nassau
Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
Edwin Starr - War
Edwin Starr - Back Street
Jimmy Ruffin - He Who Picks a Rose
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart
Chris Clark - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
Billy Butler - Right Track

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Should We Do This ? Comments Requested

Before 1975 Black independent record producers would ship their products to one stops regional distribution centers all over America. These one stops would accept artist product initially on consignment, at the end of the buying cycle of store sales profits and remaining stored product would be returned to issuing company.

During the mid 60’s Columbia Records commissioned Harvard Business School to create a business model that would increase their revenues by eliminating the one stop distribution system, their by closing the open marketplace to independent record producers. This aggressive marketing plan left Black companies paralyzed with their only option to sign distribution deals as production units rather than actual record companies.

This plan was designed also to trap production companies with illogical contract stipulations that would later be prosecuted in Federal court. Successful independents, Stax executive Al Bell was set up with a fraudulent loan sighted as embezzlement. Columbia then absorbed the entire roster, in the case of Philadelphia International the label lost its most franchised artist. Other companies which did not sign distribution deals with Columbia were left without distribution links to retail outlets virtually ending establish companies with proven sales history.

The 21st century with the end of traditional brick and mortar record stores and the gateway to internet marketing presents an extraordinary opportunity to unite Hip Hop, Blues, and eventually Gospel venues under a African American combined controlled syndication for internet sales and Artist bookings.

To establish this task several media veterans: J.D.Black, Founder of the National Black Programmers Coalition along with other NBPC Board members Robert Rosenthal M.B.A. formerly of Philadelphia International Records and Universal Properties, Tommy Marshall formerly of Interscope Records, Boogie Blues Report Editor Jerry Mason, and Al Jenkins of Team Airplay Promotions have combined forces to accomplish this task starting at the forthcoming Boogie Report Conference to be held at Jackson, Mississippi. To secure a measurable presence from the Hip Hop communitity Shawn Jay-Z Carter will be asked to speak and to become

Plans have been devised to restore the presence of Black independent companies through creating an African American owned and controlled  on line purchasing link or download option of independent artist not represent ted with eBay sales or other similar on line sales organizations. We complete the circle this new collaboration is backed  by a network of market proven promotion professionals to work contracted artist product to radio (where applicable), to secure regular play at selected club venues  (increasing internet sales to our link).  The third component is offering booking agency services to radio stations catering in negotiating creative deposit and percentage arrangements.

Visit The Boogie Report at: http://boogiesmusicreporters.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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Seeking to find her purpose, Passion (TarsaVena) left Hog Pin to find her way. She is now doing inspirational songs. These songs include love songs, gospel songs and real life songs. Her album, Life is not Gone, is due out August 2013. Her single, How Can I, is doing well. Along with her CD, Passion (TarsaVena) is releasing a book, Diary of a Hurt and Confused Wife. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and Facebook @TarsaVena to keep up with her show dates, movies, plays and book and CD releases.

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Soul City Blues Show

I'LL SERVE NO WINE BEFORE IT'S TIME! Since Katrina I've slowly and carefully been developing my idea of a commercially viable Blues product for national syndication. No promotions, no youtube or any of that, other than word of mouth,  because I have the most bad ass focus group in the world, The Jackson, Mississippi market Blues fan. Thanks and big ups to Frances Hall for enduring my single mindedness. All of the artist, promoters and organizations like: Mel Waiters, Sir Charles Jones, Reggie P, (r.i.p.), Vick Allen, Omar Cunningham, John Haley, Pat and Josh Brown, Robert Johnson Blues Foundation, Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation, Stevie J, TK Soul, Napolean, Too Sweet Productions, Don Chambers and WRTM, Charles Evers and the whole WMPR family, Wendell B., Sam Fallie, O.B. Buchana, Ms Jody, Ken Stiggers and David Williams (r.i.p.), Robert Lockwood Jr., Pine Top Perkins (r.i.p.), Peggy Brown, King Edward, The  entire Central Mississippi Blues Society family, Falisa Janaye, Tre Williams, F Jones Corner, Jessie Robinson, Jessie Thompson, Lee King and the Jackson Music Awards Family, The Echo Records family, Floyd Taylor, Anthony Thomas and V-Wurld, J Blackfoot (r.i.p.), Andre lee and Mz. Goldie, St Pe' Studios, Hollywood and the staff at Coulpes Entertainment, DJ Outlaw and Just Like U Like It', Kim Coles, Jerry Boogie Mason, Lil' Fallay, Grady Champion, P.E.G. Studios, Adrena, Baby Boy Records, Steve Perry, Dave Mack, Big Ya Yo, DCM and Magic Touch Productions, The Team Airplay Family and their artist, Calvin Richardson, Robert "The Duke" Tillman, Funky Larry Jones, Greg Pippen, big Johnny Magee, Chittlin' Circuit News, House Cat, Tim Allen, Greg Smith, Louisiana Red, The Wilbe Records Family Judy Jones, JEA Records Family, Lady J, Nathaniel Kimble, Dorothy Moore, Compozition, PPW, Earl Duke, Peggy Scott Adams, the Ragman, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wildman Brown, That Dogone Addition Fest, Ron Carbo and Soul Kitchen Studios, Stan Mosley, Nellie Tiger Travis, Mr Lee, Brinda and Linda Willis, Chick Willi, Charles Blackley, Booby Rush, Bernard Jenkins, Bob Perry, Lady V, Eddie Cotton, LJ Echols Frank and Betty Dixon, Bigg Robb, Chris Clay, Hi Frequency Band, The BB King Museum and Dionne Brown, Ben Payton,  Jarekus Singleton, Mr Zay and I'm sure many that have not been mention yet.

Terry Jones

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Understanding Today's Blues Market

                              UNDERSTANDING TODAY’S MARKETING

                                    Allen L. Johnston – The Music Specialist



The ultimate audience for music is the consumer, be it mp3, cd, on television, online, in movies, in vehicles, in the mall, at sports events or anywhere and WORD OF MOUTH is the most effective marketing in the world. 


Music creates physical sensations, memories and emotions within the listener.  Every person reading this has heard a piece of music, a singer or instrumentalist that put “shivers” in them.  Most of you have favorite artists or songs in many different genres and each one is based on a singular performance that has your attention.  The current commercial music scene seems to no longer cater to this type of connection between the artist and listener.


Somewhere we stopped marketing & promoting musical greatness and began to categorize music allowing companies the ability to segment profit shares. Music became a commercial product, no longer in the hands of the artist but controlled by major corporations and governments.  To make larger profits corporations’ needed more customers to sell to, so selected markets were created to help identify and segment consumers.  How many styles or categories of BLUES are there alone?  (See Wikipedia list below)


Today’s radio sponsored contemporary music seems to be lacking this needed emotional connection and one of the reasons given is that the artist is just KEEPING IT REAL. 


One way of keeping it real is to reach directly to the listener avoiding the major corporation mess.  You can reach this audience by working in an online format.


It is extremely easy to get your music into an MP3 format and online at a few digital download sites.  But placing your music onto Tune Core, CD Baby or a host of others does not mean any sales at all.  Reaching the consumer is your job not iTunes, Amazon or any other digital distributors.  In today’s world your music, images, press releases and information is considered content which will allow you to have it hosted, stored, tagged, cataloged, and easy to share with fans.


Using SPOTIFY.COM or ILIKE.COM, will allow your fans to download and share your music.


As a musician, manager or fan club director you should always have:


Direct Marketing Access – make the consumer feel that they have a direct attachment to the artist or project.


Communication – make sure that both you and the consumer can exchange communication on a regular basis.


Link All Of Your Sites – Make your web presences a perpetual promotion machines.


Flick R / Picasa – Make it easy for your fans to share photos of you, your shows, travels, studio work, etc..


Social Network Sites – Develop your fan base at these sites and more. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Badoo, hi5, Twitter, Last.Fm, Postereous, Netlog, PartyFlock, Reverbnation, Wasabi, Nexopia, Mog, Sonico


Wikipedia – The two most popular searches on the web are GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA.  Make sure that you are able to be searched on both especially by potential fans. Understand that YOUTUBE is fast becoming the “go to” place on the web to hear music.


Website – Every artist and entertainment company needs there own webpage in addition to the social networks sites.  Owning a website is easy and free; try using Word Press or Blogger.  Both of these sites are good at linking and syndicating your content making it simple for your content to be searched, tagged and allowing people to link to them.



When you are developing your next master piece please remember that music inspires love, happiness and creativity.  Please do not stop keeping it real only start to open up your vision of what is real.





















This is a list of music genres derived from Blues






Blues LIKE Genres based on instrumentation and featuring plaintive, melancholy vocals that emphasize the singer's poor luck and unfortunate circumstances.


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Message From Wendell B.

Hey what’s happening everybody! I do hope that this letter finds the world’s greatest fans full of love, life and laughter. I would like to take the time out to thank you all for all of your love and support of Wendell B. You guys and girls make me feel like the music game is still on track when in reality I know that this music game has really changed. I truly appreciate all of my fans from city-to-city, state-to-state as they walk up to me and share with me how much they love my music and how the words of a song I’ve written has changed their lives. But what hurts is when someone walks up to you and asks you to sign a burnt CD of my music. I sometimes don’t know how to deal with this. I look at this as a total disrespect to me and my music. I work hard to give my fans a very polished, elegant and smooth sound from my music. Pouring my heart, mind and soul into every lyric that I write, trying to make sure I reach and talk about the issues of love, life and relationships and from the way you guys show the love of my music, it lets me know that I’m on track. I take pride in every time I record a song. But now that the music game has changed and things are just not the way that they use to be, I must make my fans aware of what’s going on in this music business. I’ve had the opportunity to see my mentors Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Donnie Hathaway and so many more that came along before me, all receive their just due before this burning of CD’s took over. Any artist that is good with their craft in today’s music industry is now suffering due to the burning of their music or movies. It is even harder for independent artists because we don’t have as much to lose as the major companies. Although, I have been a major artist on labels like Mercury and Warner Bros, I am now on an independent label Smoothway Music all to keep it moving for my fans and the love of music. I was in a city a couple of months ago and I needed a pair of socks before show time. I and my crew jumped out the van at Wal-Mart and as we approached the entrance, a guy come up and said “hey man I got that music” and then he said “have you heard of this cat, Window B?” My crew looked at me and said “oh, Lord” and I said “show me what you got”.  This guy had more stuff on me than I have on myself.  This hurts! He looked at me hard and then he said “damn, you’re Wendell B” and then he proceeded to look up at me and say I’m just trying to feed my family. Well, I looked down at him and asked “while you steal from mine?”  Well, you might say that’s just how it is now.  But I believe that my fans understand my reason for writing this letter.  What’s going to make a good artist keep giving his best to something that doesn’t give back at all? It’s getting harder and harder to write songs feeling that there will be no return to continue doing so. To everyone that has purchased a Wendell B CD thanks so much for your love and support. To everyone that has a burnt CD of Wendell B you’re telling on yourself when you walk up to me and say “wow, I didn’t know you were so tall and as young as you are. I thought because you sound like Luther or Freddie Jackson that you were much older.” Well, they don’t know it but they just told on themselves because if they had purchased a Wendell B CD my picture is clearly on the cover. If you do not have a store bought copy that is the only reason you would not know how I look. My new CD “Get Ta Kno Me” was due to be out some months ago.  I was just about done when my master’s drive crashed and I had to re-do my entire CD all over. To all those that’s been calling about the new CD, I sincerely apologize to you for this unfortunate mishap but I am pleased to inform you that I am done with the new CD and I is now ready to for down louding at CD BABAY .COM just click the link below and get your copy of the new Wendell b CD Get ta kno me I’ve had to finance this CD twice but my fans are worth it all.  So I am asking my fans and friends to continue supporting Wendell B.  The new CD “Get Ta Kno Me” is some of my best work yet with songs like “Celebrate Cho Day”, “I Just Want to Love You”, “Good Man” and many more. Also, my new DVD “Who is Wendell B” and all of my music is available @ www.wendellbsounds.comSo to the world I say Thank You and if you are reading this and don’t know who it is, my name is Wendell B and you need to “Get Ta Kno Me”.

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The Science of Soul Jan 13th 2013

Check out this weeks show feature artist on this weeks edition is Ms Monique, we will be playing tracks from her lastest album She Motions,Thank you to all the people who tune in to our podcasts you made last week our most succesfull yet ,also on this weeks show music from Michon Young, Johnny Britt,  Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes and a tribute to Mandrills SWEET LOU WILSON. on 102.5 THE BRIDGE FM AT 11PM GMT ALSO LIVE VIA THE INTERNET   WWW.THEBRIDGERADIO.NET PODCAST  AVAILABLE FROM MONDAY  WWW.THESCIENCEOFSOUL.COM  

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