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Independence day week end July 2nd

This week end in Holly Grove Arkansas the Prince of Soul  aka Mo"B" will be blazing the stage with Southern Soul,funk and R&B  ..show time 2pm.. then later on that night in Arkadelphia Arkansas, he will be blessing the mic.. what a show it will be , Willie P...Ricky White...Gwen White... Afrodesia..ect, I promise u I'm coming too sing my ass off..lol....my 13 song cd is only $5  tk me home wit cha:)
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The Year 2011 is upon us and based on what you accomplished last year maybe you should crawl into a cave and waste away. 


I have heard or read just about every excuse imaginable for failure within the entertainment industry.  Stop telling me that cd sales are failing because of free downloads.  I don’t want to hear the sorry tale that retailers are closing because the Internet makes “thieves” out of the consumers by helping them to share files. That radio DJ’s only want to play “bubblegum” music and not real positive lyric, make you think music, so you can’t get your song in rotation.  I never need to hear the phrase, “ALL I need is distribution and I’ll be straight”, anymore in my life.  


The concept that “If only I could get a major deal then I would really show the world” is a dream that will never come true, Stop Begging for someone else to HELP your career and do it yourself.


You cried, caterwauled, bad mouthed and hated on the entertainment industry in 2010.  Your main subject of malcontent was that the industry was crazy and would never recover. What happened to Business As Usual?  GREAT who wants as usual, when you can conceive a new future?  It is now time to stop thinking about how crazy the times are, and start thinking about what the crazy times demand.  What can you do to grow above the herd, to stop being a hater and become a person that is hated on?  Now is the time to find ideas that matter and to share them. Now is the time to push yourselves and the people around you to express appreciation, creativity and new modes of thinking, giving you and them the ability to take risks and to make the world better by being remarkable.


There has never been a worse time for business as usual. Business as usual is sure to fail, sure to disillusion, sure to make enemies. There has never been a better time to invent, design, originate, construct and initiate. The investment bankers, angel investors, entrepreneurs and dope boys have no idea where they can safely invest. All they know is that they are desperately looking for something exciting, something they can feel passionate about, and something they can be a part of. 



Be creative and collaborative with others.  Like minds create fantastic ideas and business dynasties.  Team dynamics are essential in creating and maintaining a career.  




The Internet is here and growing at an astonishing rate, creating new revenue streams, and opportunities worldwide.  Digital downloads are a part of the mainstream financial marketplace and no longer relegated to the “techie” or highly educated individual.  Entertainment has become portable and direct to consumer as witnessed by the amount of Android, Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile users around the world.


Take the initiative and use the available tools to market, promote and sell your music and performances worldwide. 


Create your website


Develop a consistent web presence


Use audio and video online tools


Normal business practices work. Email, telephone, conferences, reports all are useful and effective.


Develop a strong fan base and communicate with your base regularly.


Start daily accounting practices, budget, and plan, revisit your budget, work your plan


Do the work, don’t try and buy your way into fame and success.  You will never know what your fan base truly is if you pay someone for 2,000,000 new “friends”.  You will never get airplay consistently and solidly by paying someone to hype the stations or the charts.  Because you bought 50,000 pieces of your own cd will NOT get you a major deal that is associated with any type of long term success. Being listed in Billboard magazine WILL NOT get you anything but another bill to pay.


 I am telling you that you must WORK to get something strong, positive and long term in the entertainment industry.  I am telling you that you must have morals and honesty in your business dealings so you can attract a cadre of like minded business associates worldwide that want to help you make money and have success


I know you feel like that is the “old fashioned” way of doing business so disappear in 2011 while real concerned individuals and companies make progress and revenue.

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Episode 5: October 1, 2010:
Soul School Audio with William Bell
:Interview conducted by Ray
Fitzgerald with
"One of the architects of the Stax and Memphis sound.
William Bell recorded, produced or wrote countless legendary Soul
singles, including You Don’t Miss Your Water, Born Under a
Bad Sign
, Everybody Loves a Winner, Private Number
and more. In this episode, he shares stories about the early days at
Stax, writing classic songs, touring and a special story about his good
friend, and Booker T. & the MGs drummer, Al Jackson, on the 35th
anniversary of his murder."

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I would like to throw my hat in the ring on this topic. I'm a SS artist or soul/blues artist or R & B artist from the south (Louisiana) Aaron Neville & Percy Sledge just to name a couple made big names for themselves in this Louisiana SS music biz.

I believe that we have some artist with great sounding songs and yes some can't afford the best studio recorded songs, but they have great songs ideas and sometime it's not the artist that makes the money it's the song writers.

. But when you mention SS music first thing that comes to mind is Malaco, Mardi Gras. Ecko Records, Britney Record and to me those lables have good quailty records.

I believe that once those record companies and companies like them come together and form a united front for SS and sign and educate their artist up for the Grammy Foundation and send there music in to the major radio stations as a united front for SS music. and start educateing their artist fan base on how to request and DEMAND SS music. We will be as they say Johnny come latelly.

All I'm saying is the SS music is known world wide, most if not all SS music radio station have internet applications, but in our own SS place in the music biz we still taking baby steps when we have the backs of giants to stand on.

TD, JT, Solomon Burke just to name a few. When will we be proud
enough to hold our head up and promote the music and not the person. I don't know about you but I don't wanna be the King or Queen of anything that in the eyes of the world is as small as a ant hill to a Mountain. PEOPLE CLIMB MOUNTAINS THEY STEP OVER ANT HILLS.......

I think not one man or woman will be able to move this SS music ahead. I think that we have to move the SS style of music ahead as a bonifide style of music if we act like it belongs in the backwoods then thats where it will stay.

One suggestion::: FORM a board or committ of un bias group of music people who HATE SS music but know what a great song sound is and should be when they hear one. Not like our government who let companies regulate themselves, because in their eyes they do no wrong but outsiders see it from a different perspective.....Then you Boogie & Funky Larry and people like y'all in the SS music biz request songs from everyone in the SS music biz. Just send out a casting call by way of video, print media, radio, internet, email blast and or by any means available (nesscesary)....

If I had to say there is about 700 artist tops in the SS music biz could be off by 200 artist give or take, but let's say 700 SS artist. Let everyone send in one song and let the committ select the best SS songs and that is the music sent to the , grammies ,majors for air play or the major lables for signing considerations.
I have 7 SS albums ,1 concept music video, a lot of performance video, 1 Christmas album and 1 patriotic song written for our troops who happens to be family members yours and mine. I have help folk and have been help by folk. I was grammy nominated for my 2009 album and I'm the winner of the Jus Blues Music Awards Southern Soul Artist of the Year 2010. I did all this in 10 years on my own dime I also work as a full time (40 plus hours) as a firefighter for the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. Don't tell me one can't make it in this SS music biz because one did. Now just think what many can do with one liked mind set in this world of music!!!!!!!!
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I would like to thank Signature J Magazine for featuring me in the current edition of their on-line magazine and recognizing me as a rising star. Please join me in celebrating this accomplishment by reviewing my article at (http://signaturejmagazine.com/page13.html ). The article begins on page 72-73. Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues that LOVE SOUTHERN SOUL.

Signature J Magazine is an e-magazine featuring the arts, entertainment, and lifestyles content. Their mission is to bridge the very best of the past with the exciting new flare of the future. This magazine pushes the limit in terms of positive stories about unsung heroes/sheroes that deserve the spotlight. Its an honor to have my music reaching out, so all can hear and love what we have to offer in the Southern Soul market. You know I plan to represent while I work to take this thing to a new level.

One Luv

FaLisa JaNaye'

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Got This Show Report From Hazel

We Got This Show Report from Boogie Report Reporter On The Down Home Blues Group Hazel Williams

This weekend I attended the May Day Blues Fest in Crestview Florida and it was truly an awesome festival. Promoter Mike Hall pulled out all the stops! MC's for the show were CC of 99.3 (Panama City), PoppaRock (Pensacola), Nikki D'Marks (Mobile) and Sunshine(Magic 101, Pensacola).
The show opener was a local band, The Soul Survivors. They performed old favorites like Superbad by James Brown, She's Fresh by Kool and the Gang, I Got Work To Do, and Maze's These Changing Times. Although they would not be my choice they did a decent set and the locals seemed to like them.
The second performer was Walt Luv (haven't seen him in a while). Folks he's back and in rare form. Walt kicked off his set with an old hit, I Had To Change My Way. Then he sang a slow song I Can't Win for Losing. Before he sang this song he handed out a long stem rose to 15 of the ladies in the audience (nice touch). But not even a rose could make that song be a hit. He then did a song called It Ain't No Fun. He is releasing his new cd. Good Luck Walt!
Next up was James Payne. Now, I gotta stop here and say this....I DON"T LIKE TRACK SHOWS....That being said (and out of the way)....James Payne did a fairly decent track show and the crowd loved him. He opened with Crazy Bout You Baby. His set included hits like Back Doing The Same Thing, Dancing, and his most notable hit I Ain't Gonna Bump No More With No Big Fat Woman. This one really got the crowd on it's feet and dancing in the isles. Great show James!
Next up was the young man Big K9 has affectionately dubbed "The Next Big Thang". Wow what show! Walter Waiters took to the stage and proceeded to brang da house down! He opened with an old Vernon Garrett hit, I'm At The Crossroads and the he continued to wow the crowd with his rendition of The Day I Started Loving You. Walter then went into a string of his own hits; What Happens in the Club, Clean Up Brother and Don't Scratch My Back. He also performed favorites like Sho Wasn't Me, Walkin the Dog (whewwww he sho know how to walk that dog) and Your Man Is Home Tonight (this one had EVERYBODY up dancing). What can I say.....AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Walter Waiters.
Next up was Jeff Floyd. Jeff opened with the Teddy P hit I Don't Love You Anymore. The crowd was on their feet and moving to the stage like a speeding locomotive. As he performed hits like I Got Heaven, Kingsize Bed and Somebody's Gonna Lose the women seemed ready to pass out at his feet. But it was the hits Lock My Door and I Found Love on a Lonely Highway that truly had the crowd spellbound and dancing at the same time...LoL. Fantastic Show!
Last but not least was the Fabulous Mr Mel Waiters who came on stage (mic in hand) and belting out Pop That Thang and the party was on! Mel followed this up with Smaller The Club, Swing Out and from his new cd, I Ain't Gone Do It and Bobby Wommacks That's The Way I Feel About You. Chandra Calloway added Flava to this set when she did her rendition of Clean up Woman and Sweet Thang. Mel then sang A Change Is Gonna Come, Got My Whiskey and closed the show with Hole In The Wall. Mel is the consumate entertainer and he's lookin goooooood these days. I had a chance to hand out with Mel and his Cousin Walter Waiters back stage and I must say...Them Waiters boys got it goin on.
All in All this was a FANTASTIC blues fest. Hats off to Mike Hall. This was the first annual blues fest for Crestview and thanks to a crowd of more than 1500 Mike will return again next year with an even bigger and better show! Awesome job Mike!

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Canton Mississippi A Night Of Kings and Queens
When Denise LasalleThe Soul Blues Queen announced that she along with several other artist will hold a fund raiser to aid victims of the terrible storms that swept through The Delta.
She got tremendous reponse.Ms. Lasalle said that
State Sen. Kenny Wayne Jones, a former Canton alderman, was instrumental in organizing the benefit. His district -- which covers parts of Yazoo, Holmes, Attala and Madison Counties -- was one of the hardest hit.
Jones told The Boogie Report that he wanted to do something to aid the people of District 21 and other Mississippians affected by the April 24 tornado.
“The other legislators and the city of Canton have been great in helping me acquire resources at a very difficult time,” he said.

Theodis Ealey who is from Sibley Mississippi stated "When The Queen request your presence you come But I am so honored to be here to help someone who really needs the help.
Nellie Tiger Travis motored in from Chicago with Mr. Lee.
Queen Karen Wolfe, Queen Sheba Potts Wright and The Black Ice Band came with The Queen On here Motor Coach
Nathaniel Kimble ,was down from Greenville arrived ready to work.
Wendell B. had a previous engagement.So he sent his latest protoge' A young man by the name "Casino" . This Young Brother, Had the audience testifying with his version Of "A Change Is Gonna Come".
Rounding Out The Crooners Corner was The Love Doctor and Andre Lee.
When I saw this line up I knew this was gonna be a very special happening and it was.
I went to work early providing the before show house music from my trusty lap top.
During the show I was steady on the move tweetn the latest events and trying to get some great perfomance shots.
Our Fearless Leader "Sweet Clyde Burns WMPR Prorgam Director" handled The Master Of Ceremony Duties
Queen Nellie Tiger Travis Kicked The Party Off Great High Energy Set She had the entire house rockn she closed her set with
" If I Back It Up" which evolved into a giant sing along and juke on the dance floor.This set the stage for Nathaniel Kimble.
Who gave the gathering A Power Packed hit filled presentation complete with familiar Nathaniel Kimble favorites plus
selections from his current CD.

Nate Closed with can You Back It Up which got the dance floor pumped.
Next was Denise Lasalle's Black Ice Band which is one of the "Baddest Bands" In The Land .
They Played behind Karen Wolfe who rocked the house and almost brought the walls down with Her hit Single "Man Enough".
It was great to see Sheba Potts Wright She worked her magic on the crowd and shared the stage with The Love Doctor
and Mr. Lee plus a few fans from the audience They gave very descriptive demonstrations of how to "Slow Roll it"
This Segment gets "Boogies Show Stopper Award".
Andre Lee was next Who took on a smooth Southern Soul Ride Andre brought the groove that made move real smooth his set was well recieved by the crowd and his hit One Night Stand Filled The Dance Floor.
Wow What A Night What A Show
We Backed It Up with The Chicago Blues Queen Nellie Tiger Travis and Nathaniel Kimble We Slow Rolled It with Sheba Potts Wright The Love Doctor and Mr. Lee Now It was time to "STAND UP IN IT".
Theodis Ealy. started his set off the a narritive stating theis is not a Southern Soul Show This Is A JOOK JOINT Experience.
and proceeded to tear the roof off the sucker with his lively soulful highly visual soul sockn house rockn Blues Presentation
The Theodis Ealy set featuring his guitar playing strong vocals and humorous stories was
one for the record books.
Denise Lasalle Closed the show she took up back to the beginning and brought up to today
I guess I really didnt realize how many hits The Queen has delivered until she starts rolln through her song book and every song brought cheers and sing along from the hyped crowd The Hour was late nobody left everybody showing admiration
for The Queen...
This is was another BOOGIE NIGHT TO REMEMBER.
Special thanks to all who came to aid those who are less fortunate anyone can take from the people and call themselves Kings and Queens.
But to give of your time and self is truly noble

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Things Your Mama Should Have Told You

In my journey through life I have on occasion had the opportunity to help make this world a better place by simply informing someone about something that would increase the quality of life for the masses. These small truths are often overlooked an assumed to be in The Bank Of General Knowledge Many would be surprised to know that there are many folks who have not had the opportunity to receive this common knowledge, "So" with these folks in mind we dedicate this "Blog" Thangs Your Mama Should Have Told You We Now have a vehicle through which we can pass this knowledge to those who are Challenged in the area of common sense. Feel free to add to the string you could make the world a better place.
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Just A Word Of Thanks To Our Community I am so proud of the members who have stepped forward to contribute to our community. as you may have noticed I have stepped back in order to let others have the opportunity to serve. I am proud to say that " Community Works" We continue to progress!" Good For The Music" !! We recently suffered the loss of Bro's JK McCoy and Fred Bolton members were notified through THE COMMUNITY proper respect and sorrow were demonstrated Thanks once again to those of you who stepped up. Funky Larry Jones Larry Eaglin Thanks Always Remember The Boogie Report Does Not Belong To Me it Belongs To You -THE COMMUNITY - The Video Opportunity We Need A Video Demonstrating The Steps To Submitting A Report for our Reporters. You can make Money Message Boogie For Details. Please continue to invite those who truly want to be apart of the effort for the further development of Southern Soul Blues Music to Join Us Thanks Again and best regards Jerry "Boogie" Mason
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EC's Jook Joint

ECS Productions - A company that produce programing for television is excepting videos/DVD (high quality) for the next season of ECs Jook Joint the first and only blues/Soul video show on TV. currently airing on 400 Accessstations across the US and Canada reaching over 23 million household giving Artist support for their released or soon to be released CD.. Send package to ECS Productions PO box 1342 Union City Ca 94587 Visit our website www.ecsproductions.com You can also watch the show 24/7 on the net at www.blip.tv / type ECs Jook Joint. in the search looking forward to receiving your project.Good luck to allSincerely,E.C'.
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(This review is in the Southwest Blues Magazine October Edition)Ernie JohnsonI’m The One You NeedStairway EntertainmentErnie Johnson is one of those blues singers that enjoy stepping on toes when he sings. This album “I’m The One You Need” is a pure reflection of that philosophy.“Party On” kicks the album off with an appeal for you to hit the dance floor swinging. The beat never stops, there is no disturbance in the “force” and you can imagine shoulders and butts bouncing at the table. Heads are bobbing as EJ entreats you to come to the “Valley of Love”. It’s laid back feeling has you sipping a good drink and your arm around a hot woman. It’s intimate and sensual while the bass line is throbbing.His “Laid Around, Played Around Too Long” opens your heart to the feelings of a man who knows “he done messed up” and is trying to get his act together. That lazy guitar really underscores EJ’s voice. “Good Thang Man” has a mellow guitar beat that will have you either trying to recapture those old calypso moves or just standing there holding your lady and trying to behave. “Pumps and Rumps” is a fun song that should have the ladies running out on the floor high stepping and shaking that booty.I think Ernie is trying to add to the world’s population with “Let’s Make Love Tonight”.You can imagine bodies rubbing together, making static on the dance floor. His title song “I’m The One You Need” shows off that smooth EJ style as he wills his audience back to the floor with a nice rhythm. He tries to keep you out on the floor with some more belly rubbing music in “You’re The Only One”.“Dance To The Music” is a good track to get your head & shoulders moving. Hot guitar and drums will have your body vibrating. “Double Cross” is a chair rocker to quiet the mood from all the excitement you’ve been through in the past few tracks. “Forever Just Ain’t Long Enough” has a great bouncy feel to it that again shows off EJ’s smooth vocal control and timing.Ernie’s love of “down home” blues shows up from the first note to song’s end on the cut “Please Don’t Leave Me This Way”. Everything about this cut makes me want to rock in my chair with a brandy & coke and hot cigar. Everybody that knows how to do it and loves the swing out step will hit the dance floor and move to Ernie’s “Swing Out” track. The tempo is just right.If you like sweet, smooth, sensual blues then I’d advise you to pick up this CD. – Roman Ross.(For CD Reviews send music to: Roman Ross 6700 Bonnie View Rd. Dallas, TX 75241)
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Hello Blues and Southern Soul fans.2009 hasn't allowed the Big Dawg to bring you fans a lot of coverage from all the great blues and southern soul shows that have been going on this year.I've received tons of emails from fans,artist and promoters asking me if I would be able to come and cover their shows?The hard economic times that we are going through as a nation has even effected my attendance at shows that I would have normally attended..I wish I could do this full time but like so many of you I do have a family and other obligations that hasn't allowed me to do something that I truly love too do. Recently I was able to attend a spectacular Blues and Southern Soul show.The Leflore County civic center in Greenwood,Mississippi played host for the annual "Mississippi Blues Fest".The lineup included the sensational Karen Wolfe,jamming Jeff Floyd,the legendary Bobby Rush,the fabulous Floyd Taylor and the "King Of Southern Soul",Sir Charles Jones.It was a full house on hand to enjoy this star-filled blues and southern soul gathering.I was joined in the Dawg Pound by O-Dawg and the newest member Lil E.So with my gin and juice on hand chased with some ice cold Bud light,sit back good people and let me take you on this blues and southern soul ride. The first performer on the night was B&J recording artist, Karen Wolfe.She was extended a nice ovation by the crowd that was still pouring in as she walked on stage.She opened her performance with an excellent rendition of Betty Wright's "Tonight Is The Night".You know you have to have some nice vocals to pull off this classic hit and Karen Wolfe nailed it.Her next song was "Backdoor Love Affair" and this is the song that really established her as a southern soul recording artist.She had the the fans down by the stage up and dancing on this jam.Her next song was "One Good Man" and I could see her maturation as an artist as she begin to ad-lib with the crowd.I've always said in other reviews if an artist can get the crowd involved then they will always be a fan favorite.She and her backup singer begin to do some grown folks juking and the crowd absolutely loved it.Her next song was her biggest hit to date."Man Enough" received her biggest applause of the night as the women really got behind her on this bona fide southern soul hit.She closed her performance with Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows".I've known Karen for a few years now going back to her days as a backup singer for her mentor,the legendary Denise Lasalle.Her first solo project "First Time Out" which featured the southern soul hit "Backdoor Love Affair" gained her a lot of recognition but its her second cd,"A Woman Needs A Strong Man" which features the hit "Man Enough" that has made her an award winning recording artist.Earlier this year she was presented the 2009 Jackson Music Award for International Female Artist Of The Year and just recently she picked up two awards at the 2009 Jus Blues Music Awards for best Southern Soul Female Artist and best Female Song Of The Year(Man Enough).I am so happy to see her receiving her just due in the industry.Like so many up and coming divas in the southern soul industry the sultry and sexy Karen Wolfe has definetly arrived.Welcome to the club babe.For more information and all the latest news about this talented diva please visit her webpage at www.karenwolfemusic.com and her myspace page at www.myspace.com/mskarenwolfe The next performer was Jeff Floyd.I've dubbed him the most powerful voice in the industry and he lived up to that namesake as he opened up his performance with a rendition of Teddy Pendergrass "I Don't Love You Anymore".His next two selections were "I Got My Woman Upset" and "Somebody Gonna Lose A Good Woman Tonight" which he does a superb job on.You would think that William Bell was actually on stage with him as he masterfully performed this southern soul duet.His performance took on a new twist as a replica king size bed was brought on stage for his next song "King Size Bed".Jeff got a big applause from the women in attendance as be begin to simulate how he could really handle his business in bed with a few humping,bumping,licking and sticking freaky bedroom techniques.He gave a Teddy Pendergrass like performance on his new single "Lock My Door" just as Teddy screamed "turn'em off" in his song "Turn Off The Lights",Jeff equaled that moment when he screamed "lock it up" toward the end of this song.He closed his performance with my personal favorite "I've Found Love On A Lonely Highway" and once again he displayed his POWERFUL vocals.Jeff Floyd has a strong stage presence that puts him in the same class with T.K. Soul,O.B. Buchana,Omar Cunningham and Sir Charles.If you are a big Jeff Floyd fan he has a new cd titled "Keeping It Real" on Wilbe records.For all the latest Jeff Floyd news please visit his website at www.jazzijefffloyd.com and his myspace pages at www.myspace.com/jazzijefffloyd and www.myspace.com/jazzijeffproduction The next performer was the legendary Bobby Rush.I've seen his show for many years now and I can't lie,like so many other men I never get tired of it.Bobby Rush hit the stage with his dancers and the place exploded.I've seen his show numerous times and I have seen his dancers perform so you know all the fellas in attendance gave them a big ovation.He opened the show with "AIN'T SHE FINE" directing his attention to his dancers,Mz. Lowe,The Young Hen and The Old Hen who were doing their thang,shaking it and dropping it like it was too damn hot.Bobby Rush was his vintage self tonight.He had the crowd singing,laughing and dancing but once again his dancers stole the show.The dancers received thunderous ovations every time Bobby Rush directed the show their way.His raw lyrics accompanied by his hip swerving and pelvis thrusting dance moves allowed the women to have their time to get a little wild also."Big Fat Woman" continues to get a good laugh when he performs it.For those of you who haven't seen his performance he displays two pair of panties that an elephant can wear.On "Garbage Man" he was able to display his masterful skill on the harmonica.He performed all his classic hits"HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN","EVERYBODY LIKE THAT THANG","HENPECKED", and "SUE".He closed the show with "NIGHT FISHING".This was another great performance by Bobby Rush.In my opinion he continues to be one of the top performers on the scene today. Up next was Malaco recording artist, Floyd Taylor.It has been years since he performed in the Mississippi Delta and the people were so happy to be blessed with his presence.His legendary father,Johnnie Taylor was a regular in this area for many years dating all the way back to the early 1970's.He opened up his performance with one of his early hits "I'm Crazy About That Woman In Red" and the ladies were melting.He followed that with his southern soul hit "You Still Got It" and this got a big ovation from the crowd."Baby I've Changed" was his next song and this is also my personal favorite.He next paid tribute to his father,the legendary blues whailer,Johnnie Taylor.He performed a medley of his dad's biggest hits including "Running Out Of Lies","Good Love","Disco Lady" and "I've Found A Love' and all of these songs went over well with the fans in attendance.This simply showed me that the Mississippi Delta and I guess the entire world truly miss our beloved Johnnie Taylor..He closed his performance with his latest hit "What If He Knew".It is truly amazing how much he looks and sounds like his father but make no mistake about it,Floyd Taylor is his own man and his talent clearly speaks for itself.The son of a legend has really emerged as FLOYD TAYLOR.For all the latest news on Floyd Taylor please visit his myspace page at www.myspace.com/thetaylorlegacyliveson The last performer on the night was "The King Of Southern Soul",Sir Charles.I must admit before he hit the stage I noticed some very familar faces setting up to play for him.Chill Will,Yurick,Anthony and Ben formerly known as Soul 4 Real were now backing the biggest and most popular artist in southern soul.This is probably the closest thing to a dream team the industry has had since the golden years of Tyrone Davis and his Platinum band.The stage area was now packed with a lot of female fans screaming as Sir Charles hit the stage.Just his mere presence commands a crowds full attention.I stood and watched the ladies scream with every bit of energy that they could muster up.It was almost surreal to witness the impact that he had on the entire crowd.He said he wasn't feeling good tonight but he was still ready to please all the women in attendance and he did just that as he performed his classic hits "Better Or Worse","Just Can't Let Go" and "Hang On".He performed "Friday" next and although it was Saturday night the boy sounded so good he made you feel like it was actually Friday."Natural Woman" continued to make the women all melt."Slow Roll It' allowed Sir Charles,Brotha X and the band formerly known as Soul 4 Real to do their synchronized dance routine that never gets old with the fans."Just Like Fire" and "Pop That Coochie" got everyone up and dancing.He closed his performance with his classic hit single "Is There Anybody Lonely".Hands down Sir Charles is still the most popular artist in the business.He has the most charisma as any other artist and his vocals and dance moves rank right up there with the best of them.Its always a pleasure to see him perform.For all the latest Sir Charles news please visit his myspace pages at www.myspace.com/sircharlesjones747 and www.myspace.com/sircharlesjonesmusic In closing,I would like to thank Karen Wolfe,Jeff Floyd,Bobby Rush,Floyd Taylor and Sir Charles for taking the time to meet,greet,converse and allowing me to provide you fans with some great photos from this fabulous show.I want to give shout outs to Darrayl(best sound man in the business),Nicole and Wanda(representing The Boogie Report),Anna Coday(CEO of B&J Records),Cyerio Hughes(WGNL radio),Carla Taylor(Floyd Taylor's fiance'),Pat Williams(Carla's sister),Gail Harris(Floyd merchandise rep),Tip,Sweet Mama,Brotha X,Peaches(Arkansas Peach) and MC Chitchy Baby.To my Dawg Pound members,O-Dawg and Lil E you all certainly had your dancing shoes on tonight.I had a blast kicking it with you all and I can't wait for us to do the damn thing again.I had a great time at this show and I just wanted to share it with the greatest fans in the world.Take care and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.I'll see you down by the stage. BIG K9 www.bigk9.net
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