Message From Wendell B.

Hey what’s happening everybody! I do hope that this letter finds the world’s greatest fans full of love, life and laughter. I would like to take the time out to thank you all for all of your love and support of Wendell B. You guys and girls make me feel like the music game is still on track when in reality I know that this music game has really changed. I truly appreciate all of my fans from city-to-city, state-to-state as they walk up to me and share with me how much they love my music and how the words of a song I’ve written has changed their lives. But what hurts is when someone walks up to you and asks you to sign a burnt CD of my music. I sometimes don’t know how to deal with this. I look at this as a total disrespect to me and my music. I work hard to give my fans a very polished, elegant and smooth sound from my music. Pouring my heart, mind and soul into every lyric that I write, trying to make sure I reach and talk about the issues of love, life and relationships and from the way you guys show the love of my music, it lets me know that I’m on track. I take pride in every time I record a song. But now that the music game has changed and things are just not the way that they use to be, I must make my fans aware of what’s going on in this music business. I’ve had the opportunity to see my mentors Luther Vandross, Freddie Jackson, Donnie Hathaway and so many more that came along before me, all receive their just due before this burning of CD’s took over. Any artist that is good with their craft in today’s music industry is now suffering due to the burning of their music or movies. It is even harder for independent artists because we don’t have as much to lose as the major companies. Although, I have been a major artist on labels like Mercury and Warner Bros, I am now on an independent label Smoothway Music all to keep it moving for my fans and the love of music. I was in a city a couple of months ago and I needed a pair of socks before show time. I and my crew jumped out the van at Wal-Mart and as we approached the entrance, a guy come up and said “hey man I got that music” and then he said “have you heard of this cat, Window B?” My crew looked at me and said “oh, Lord” and I said “show me what you got”.  This guy had more stuff on me than I have on myself.  This hurts! He looked at me hard and then he said “damn, you’re Wendell B” and then he proceeded to look up at me and say I’m just trying to feed my family. Well, I looked down at him and asked “while you steal from mine?”  Well, you might say that’s just how it is now.  But I believe that my fans understand my reason for writing this letter.  What’s going to make a good artist keep giving his best to something that doesn’t give back at all? It’s getting harder and harder to write songs feeling that there will be no return to continue doing so. To everyone that has purchased a Wendell B CD thanks so much for your love and support. To everyone that has a burnt CD of Wendell B you’re telling on yourself when you walk up to me and say “wow, I didn’t know you were so tall and as young as you are. I thought because you sound like Luther or Freddie Jackson that you were much older.” Well, they don’t know it but they just told on themselves because if they had purchased a Wendell B CD my picture is clearly on the cover. If you do not have a store bought copy that is the only reason you would not know how I look. My new CD “Get Ta Kno Me” was due to be out some months ago.  I was just about done when my master’s drive crashed and I had to re-do my entire CD all over. To all those that’s been calling about the new CD, I sincerely apologize to you for this unfortunate mishap but I am pleased to inform you that I am done with the new CD and I is now ready to for down louding at CD BABAY .COM just click the link below and get your copy of the new Wendell b CD Get ta kno me I’ve had to finance this CD twice but my fans are worth it all.  So I am asking my fans and friends to continue supporting Wendell B.  The new CD “Get Ta Kno Me” is some of my best work yet with songs like “Celebrate Cho Day”, “I Just Want to Love You”, “Good Man” and many more. Also, my new DVD “Who is Wendell B” and all of my music is available @ www.wendellbsounds.comSo to the world I say Thank You and if you are reading this and don’t know who it is, my name is Wendell B and you need to “Get Ta Kno Me”.

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