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Before 1975 Black independent record producers would ship their products to one stops regional distribution centers all over America. These one stops would accept artist product initially on consignment, at the end of the buying cycle of store sales profits and remaining stored product would be returned to issuing company.

During the mid 60’s Columbia Records commissioned Harvard Business School to create a business model that would increase their revenues by eliminating the one stop distribution system, their by closing the open marketplace to independent record producers. This aggressive marketing plan left Black companies paralyzed with their only option to sign distribution deals as production units rather than actual record companies.

This plan was designed also to trap production companies with illogical contract stipulations that would later be prosecuted in Federal court. Successful independents, Stax executive Al Bell was set up with a fraudulent loan sighted as embezzlement. Columbia then absorbed the entire roster, in the case of Philadelphia International the label lost its most franchised artist. Other companies which did not sign distribution deals with Columbia were left without distribution links to retail outlets virtually ending establish companies with proven sales history.

The 21st century with the end of traditional brick and mortar record stores and the gateway to internet marketing presents an extraordinary opportunity to unite Hip Hop, Blues, and eventually Gospel venues under a African American combined controlled syndication for internet sales and Artist bookings.

To establish this task several media veterans: J.D.Black, Founder of the National Black Programmers Coalition along with other NBPC Board members Robert Rosenthal M.B.A. formerly of Philadelphia International Records and Universal Properties, Tommy Marshall formerly of Interscope Records, Boogie Blues Report Editor Jerry Mason, and Al Jenkins of Team Airplay Promotions have combined forces to accomplish this task starting at the forthcoming Boogie Report Conference to be held at Jackson, Mississippi. To secure a measurable presence from the Hip Hop communitity Shawn Jay-Z Carter will be asked to speak and to become

Plans have been devised to restore the presence of Black independent companies through creating an African American owned and controlled  on line purchasing link or download option of independent artist not represent ted with eBay sales or other similar on line sales organizations. We complete the circle this new collaboration is backed  by a network of market proven promotion professionals to work contracted artist product to radio (where applicable), to secure regular play at selected club venues  (increasing internet sales to our link).  The third component is offering booking agency services to radio stations catering in negotiating creative deposit and percentage arrangements.

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  • I'm with you Lemac,you got my vote..

  • Excellent insight Bill !!! The future should belong to the most creative, not the most connected !!! Real misic last forever !! Let's make some more !! PLEASE DO THIS !!!!!

  • What a great idea,it's time we raised the game, the world as become a village with internet access nowere is to remote to reach.By coming together radio and record companies can become a force for good,restore pride in the music we love,I dont know bout you but i am tired of songs that include the N word or bitch in every line,once the young artists of today realise that they can make music that will get out there without that imagine the wonderful music they can make.The great artists of the past became global because they produced music that THE WORLD could relate to,we need to bring that attitude back restore the pride,take control of OUR music not let the corporate giant's churn out disposible junk to make a quick buck,yes i know we have have to make money but lets do it with integrity.Vetran artists are still viable and valid but have no real support network we need to value them as the tresures they are,they are afterall an asset, let them inspire the young artists that are coming up, Its exciting times we finally have the chance to shape the future of our music let's not waste it.

    And i say to young artists beware of what you sing and say in 20 yrs when you are a different person you might still be judged on the work you do today,it's not selling out to aspire to reach the world with your music and there as never been a better time.

    Lets all come together we can learn from each other.

    Bill Randle    

  • Whatever efforts you can use to get Black Blues artists back in the game will be greatly appreciated.

  • Thank God!!! Today's selection of music does not reflect the wide variety of creative talent available !! A lot of truly good artist are left out in cold because they don't know anybody!! Today's Black Music is being controlled by non-black individuals!! Unless you are Jay-Z, or artist of that stature you have no creative control. We need Black artist with freedom to create and Black promoters and labels picking the next generation of music. The music on the air now just does not cut it!!! Thank you for your effort, and may God bless your endeavors!!!

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