Soul City Blues Show

I'LL SERVE NO WINE BEFORE IT'S TIME! Since Katrina I've slowly and carefully been developing my idea of a commercially viable Blues product for national syndication. No promotions, no youtube or any of that, other than word of mouth,  because I have the most bad ass focus group in the world, The Jackson, Mississippi market Blues fan. Thanks and big ups to Frances Hall for enduring my single mindedness. All of the artist, promoters and organizations like: Mel Waiters, Sir Charles Jones, Reggie P, (r.i.p.), Vick Allen, Omar Cunningham, John Haley, Pat and Josh Brown, Robert Johnson Blues Foundation, Tommy Johnson Blues Foundation, Stevie J, TK Soul, Napolean, Too Sweet Productions, Don Chambers and WRTM, Charles Evers and the whole WMPR family, Wendell B., Sam Fallie, O.B. Buchana, Ms Jody, Ken Stiggers and David Williams (r.i.p.), Robert Lockwood Jr., Pine Top Perkins (r.i.p.), Peggy Brown, King Edward, The  entire Central Mississippi Blues Society family, Falisa Janaye, Tre Williams, F Jones Corner, Jessie Robinson, Jessie Thompson, Lee King and the Jackson Music Awards Family, The Echo Records family, Floyd Taylor, Anthony Thomas and V-Wurld, J Blackfoot (r.i.p.), Andre lee and Mz. Goldie, St Pe' Studios, Hollywood and the staff at Coulpes Entertainment, DJ Outlaw and Just Like U Like It', Kim Coles, Jerry Boogie Mason, Lil' Fallay, Grady Champion, P.E.G. Studios, Adrena, Baby Boy Records, Steve Perry, Dave Mack, Big Ya Yo, DCM and Magic Touch Productions, The Team Airplay Family and their artist, Calvin Richardson, Robert "The Duke" Tillman, Funky Larry Jones, Greg Pippen, big Johnny Magee, Chittlin' Circuit News, House Cat, Tim Allen, Greg Smith, Louisiana Red, The Wilbe Records Family Judy Jones, JEA Records Family, Lady J, Nathaniel Kimble, Dorothy Moore, Compozition, PPW, Earl Duke, Peggy Scott Adams, the Ragman, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wildman Brown, That Dogone Addition Fest, Ron Carbo and Soul Kitchen Studios, Stan Mosley, Nellie Tiger Travis, Mr Lee, Brinda and Linda Willis, Chick Willi, Charles Blackley, Booby Rush, Bernard Jenkins, Bob Perry, Lady V, Eddie Cotton, LJ Echols Frank and Betty Dixon, Bigg Robb, Chris Clay, Hi Frequency Band, The BB King Museum and Dionne Brown, Ben Payton,  Jarekus Singleton, Mr Zay and I'm sure many that have not been mention yet.

Terry Jones

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