Understanding Today's Blues Market

                              UNDERSTANDING TODAY’S MARKETING

                                    Allen L. Johnston – The Music Specialist



The ultimate audience for music is the consumer, be it mp3, cd, on television, online, in movies, in vehicles, in the mall, at sports events or anywhere and WORD OF MOUTH is the most effective marketing in the world. 


Music creates physical sensations, memories and emotions within the listener.  Every person reading this has heard a piece of music, a singer or instrumentalist that put “shivers” in them.  Most of you have favorite artists or songs in many different genres and each one is based on a singular performance that has your attention.  The current commercial music scene seems to no longer cater to this type of connection between the artist and listener.


Somewhere we stopped marketing & promoting musical greatness and began to categorize music allowing companies the ability to segment profit shares. Music became a commercial product, no longer in the hands of the artist but controlled by major corporations and governments.  To make larger profits corporations’ needed more customers to sell to, so selected markets were created to help identify and segment consumers.  How many styles or categories of BLUES are there alone?  (See Wikipedia list below)


Today’s radio sponsored contemporary music seems to be lacking this needed emotional connection and one of the reasons given is that the artist is just KEEPING IT REAL. 


One way of keeping it real is to reach directly to the listener avoiding the major corporation mess.  You can reach this audience by working in an online format.


It is extremely easy to get your music into an MP3 format and online at a few digital download sites.  But placing your music onto Tune Core, CD Baby or a host of others does not mean any sales at all.  Reaching the consumer is your job not iTunes, Amazon or any other digital distributors.  In today’s world your music, images, press releases and information is considered content which will allow you to have it hosted, stored, tagged, cataloged, and easy to share with fans.


Using SPOTIFY.COM or ILIKE.COM, will allow your fans to download and share your music.


As a musician, manager or fan club director you should always have:


Direct Marketing Access – make the consumer feel that they have a direct attachment to the artist or project.


Communication – make sure that both you and the consumer can exchange communication on a regular basis.


Link All Of Your Sites – Make your web presences a perpetual promotion machines.


Flick R / Picasa – Make it easy for your fans to share photos of you, your shows, travels, studio work, etc..


Social Network Sites – Develop your fan base at these sites and more. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Badoo, hi5, Twitter, Last.Fm, Postereous, Netlog, PartyFlock, Reverbnation, Wasabi, Nexopia, Mog, Sonico


Wikipedia – The two most popular searches on the web are GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA.  Make sure that you are able to be searched on both especially by potential fans. Understand that YOUTUBE is fast becoming the “go to” place on the web to hear music.


Website – Every artist and entertainment company needs there own webpage in addition to the social networks sites.  Owning a website is easy and free; try using Word Press or Blogger.  Both of these sites are good at linking and syndicating your content making it simple for your content to be searched, tagged and allowing people to link to them.



When you are developing your next master piece please remember that music inspires love, happiness and creativity.  Please do not stop keeping it real only start to open up your vision of what is real.





















This is a list of music genres derived from Blues






Blues LIKE Genres based on instrumentation and featuring plaintive, melancholy vocals that emphasize the singer's poor luck and unfortunate circumstances.


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