I would like to throw my hat in the ring on this topic. I'm a SS artist or soul/blues artist or R & B artist from the south (Louisiana) Aaron Neville & Percy Sledge just to name a couple made big names for themselves in this Louisiana SS music biz.

I believe that we have some artist with great sounding songs and yes some can't afford the best studio recorded songs, but they have great songs ideas and sometime it's not the artist that makes the money it's the song writers.

. But when you mention SS music first thing that comes to mind is Malaco, Mardi Gras. Ecko Records, Britney Record and to me those lables have good quailty records.

I believe that once those record companies and companies like them come together and form a united front for SS and sign and educate their artist up for the Grammy Foundation and send there music in to the major radio stations as a united front for SS music. and start educateing their artist fan base on how to request and DEMAND SS music. We will be as they say Johnny come latelly.

All I'm saying is the SS music is known world wide, most if not all SS music radio station have internet applications, but in our own SS place in the music biz we still taking baby steps when we have the backs of giants to stand on.

TD, JT, Solomon Burke just to name a few. When will we be proud
enough to hold our head up and promote the music and not the person. I don't know about you but I don't wanna be the King or Queen of anything that in the eyes of the world is as small as a ant hill to a Mountain. PEOPLE CLIMB MOUNTAINS THEY STEP OVER ANT HILLS.......

I think not one man or woman will be able to move this SS music ahead. I think that we have to move the SS style of music ahead as a bonifide style of music if we act like it belongs in the backwoods then thats where it will stay.

One suggestion::: FORM a board or committ of un bias group of music people who HATE SS music but know what a great song sound is and should be when they hear one. Not like our government who let companies regulate themselves, because in their eyes they do no wrong but outsiders see it from a different perspective.....Then you Boogie & Funky Larry and people like y'all in the SS music biz request songs from everyone in the SS music biz. Just send out a casting call by way of video, print media, radio, internet, email blast and or by any means available (nesscesary)....

If I had to say there is about 700 artist tops in the SS music biz could be off by 200 artist give or take, but let's say 700 SS artist. Let everyone send in one song and let the committ select the best SS songs and that is the music sent to the , grammies ,majors for air play or the major lables for signing considerations.
I have 7 SS albums ,1 concept music video, a lot of performance video, 1 Christmas album and 1 patriotic song written for our troops who happens to be family members yours and mine. I have help folk and have been help by folk. I was grammy nominated for my 2009 album and I'm the winner of the Jus Blues Music Awards Southern Soul Artist of the Year 2010. I did all this in 10 years on my own dime I also work as a full time (40 plus hours) as a firefighter for the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. Don't tell me one can't make it in this SS music biz because one did. Now just think what many can do with one liked mind set in this world of music!!!!!!!!
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