Yvng Scuba - "Scrapin' The Glass" ft. Coi Leray

Tien G Myers ( August 2, 1991 ), known professionally as Young Scuba , is an American rapper, singer , songwriter , record producer and entrepreneur. Born In long branch Nj schooled in parts of Texas

Myers first became involved in mus ic when he would dream of sounds and wake up and try to Imitate what he heard in his dreams turning the sounds from melodies to lyrics “ Myers and 3 family members decided to started a group But it was well documented that the groups first single did 5 million views collectively on YouTube and worldstarhiphop Wich was later moved due to copyright issues where the producer sold Myers the beat and then sold the exclusive to a major label When the label got wind of the monster amount of numbers the group did they had there lawyers put out a cease and desist to remove video from all platforms and to discontinue performing the song at a national level being only 17 at the time Scuba said “ i was depressed we had the whole world in our grasp” it was right there i could taste it but that L we took was actually lesson to learn the buisness. From then on scuba vowed never to use a beat unless he produced co-produced or owned it exclusively . From that moment on everything was from scratch in-house a few outside close producers he looked at it as fresh start a chance to be re-born in the sauce he then decided he would be a solo artist he felt as if he dropped the ball for the fellas , he began working closely with a group of producers from Jersey named Mc2 (mcsquared) productions Jerrel Murray aka Tools & Jonathan Chisholm aka Dr.Spill where they opened up a studio called mini mansion aka the meth lab were they amassed An archive of over 3600 songs and counting “why do they call it the meth lab “he laughed and said cause we make nothing but hits coming out that there “ Scuba is currently releasing his new single “scraping Tha glass” on all streaming platforms and two albums later this year Sorry 4 ya losses and Spill & splash


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